One of the most sensational beaches in Greece

Lefkada has many characteristics that make it stand out not only in the Ionian Sea but also throughout Greece. First of all, it’s an island you don’t need a ship to go to. You pass by the underwater bridge and then in a few minutes you are on this beautiful Ionian island. The other characteristic that makes it stand out is that it has some of the most beautiful beaches not only in Greece but also in the whole world. There you will meet blue waters that look like an exotic destination. So there’s Mill Beach, which has something from Hawaii.

And Porto Katsiki and Egremni may be two of the most famous on the island, but Milos has its own beauty that rivets anyone who is there.

Milos Beach… like Hawaii

Milos Beach is located on the west side of the island and is one of the best beaches of Lefkada. It is close to The Beach of Kathisma which is the most cosmopolitan of the island. In fact, it is located between the beaches of Kathisma and Agios Nikitas, and is 13 km from the town of Lefkada. Its name was given by an old windmill located at the end of the beach.

The blue waters of the beach that get even more intense color when the sea has wave combine a sandy beach covered with coarse sand and white pebbles. This scenery along with the crystal clear waters that sometimes look turquoise enchants you! It is an imposing landscape that from above has grey rocks and it is giving you a sense of solitude. The same scene you will also meet on the beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egremnous. The access from land is no longer available so you can enjoy the waters only by boat that stops off the coast.

This beach is not entirely ideal for families. You need to be careful because the sea deepens sharply and is a bit dangerous for small swimmers. In addition, you should know that Milos beach is not organized, so there must be proper equipment, as on the coast there is no natural shade at all.

Lefkada: Milos Beach... like Hawaii

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How to get to Milos Beach

To get to the beach there are two ways but one is not always possible. You can first walk through a path. Through a graphical path of 650 meters which lasting 15-20 minutes of walking after the hill that separates the two beaches, you will see Milos beach. If you decide to walk, you have to start from the main pedestrian street in Agios Nikitas and turn to the alley left a few meters from the beginning of the pedestrian.

Whichever way you choose to go, the sure thing is that the experience will be unforgettable…

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