Crystal waters and tufted green trees that reach the sea

Turquoise, crystal clear waters. Images that give you the feeling of a peaceful lagoon. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places of Chalkidiki that impresses you, even more, when you look at it from above. It is of course the beach Glarokavos. It is no coincidence that many call the spot “Blue Lake” of Chalkidiki. The color of the waters and the way it spreads in Kassandra give you this feeling.

Glarokavos is one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan areas in Chalkidiki. Along the beach, you will find spots with sand and fine pebbles. In other places, there are more stones so it is wise to be equipped with special shoes so that your swimming will be easier there.

In Glarokavos you will find a beach bar if you like the most cosmopolitan situations but there is also enough empty space to set up your umbrella enjoying the beauty of the blue lake of Chalkidiki. Wherever you decide to sit, you’re going to have a good time, and the main thing is that you’re going to swim in crystal clear waters.

Pefkohori, the beautiful village for a relaxing holiday

Glarokavos is located quite close to Pefkohori, a beautiful and graphical settlement in Chalkidiki. If you go once it will become your favorite destination in Chalkidiki. It is the ideal place to have as a base and explore the beaches of the area and other beautiful places. Pefkohori is a beautiful village surrounded by rich pine forest and olive groves.

Glarokavos: The blue lake of Chalkidiki

Anyone who visits it can understand why they say it is one of the small Paradises of Chalkidiki. The combination of mountain and sea creates a very beautiful setting.

Pefkohori can be found in the southeastern part of the Kassandra peninsula, at a distance of 19 km from Kallithea. You’ll find it after you pass the villages of Kryopigi, Polychrono, and Chanioti. Your stay is guaranteed that it would be good since you will find many accommodations that meet your needs. From large and organized hotels to smaller rooms with all comforts.

What is certain is that the whole area will leave you the best impressions of your summer vacation.