A special monument of nature

Kythera is a place like a dream. This corner of the Ionian Islands typically belongs to the Attica Region. A place ideal for escape and relaxation. Once there you’ll charge your batteries on the crystal clear and exotic beaches. Your eyes will rest on the green landscapes. You will gain new gastronomic experiences from the local flavors of the island. You will feel greek hospitality at its best. Kythera has these and many other reasons to choose it, and Chitra island of Greece is one of them. A famous creation of nature that will surprise you.

The famous Chitra island of Greece, the cave, and the Semperviva flower

Once in Kythera, it is worth visiting Chitra island. It is the rock that stands up in the middle of the sea off Kapsali bay. A work of art of nature that is one of the most famous sights of the island that has a special name.

Chitra is an impressive creation of nature that may not be ideal for cooking but is famous for its flowers. From Diakofti we headed to the former first port of the island. The route was so picturesque and we were gazing at nature, we didn’t even understand that we had driven 34 km and we arrived in Kapsali bay. We went down to the port where Captain Spyros Kassimatis was waiting for us with his boat to guide us through the secrets of the bottom of Kythera.

What’s the secret of a lonely, dry rock in the middle of the sea island? The people of Kythera will gladly tell you the stories about the double name of the rock. The rock apart from Chitra is also called Egg, while in the southern part there is a cave.

The famous and impressive Chytra of Greece

Captain Spyros showed us the cave and told us about the Semperviva flower while we were making the tour of the island. The rock is a unique one because it is the only place that Semperviva grows (semibreve is a perennial plant that keeps its leaves in winter and is very resistant to difficult conditions of growth), the plant that lives eternally, as its name says. Why do they call the island Chitra? Captain Spiros had the answer. He explained to us that when the weather changes and turns into a pinnacle, the clouds along with the rock create a form that looks like it is boiling in the middle of the sea. Chitra in Greek is called a “boiling pot”.

Kyriakoulou: The deserted beach with the strange name in KytheraPhoto source: Comzeradd

The exotic beach of Kyriakoulou

After this nice tour, we lifted anchor and pulled for Kapsali bay. But before we go back, Captain Spiros changes course and takes us to a small fjord, a small little seaside called Kyriakoulou beach. The waters and the landscape are idyllic and we could not resist a dive into the power of the goddess Aphrodite. With the salt on our skin, we headed back to Kapsali. It is one of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in Kythera.

Chitra and Kyriakoulou beach are only two of the wonders of Kythera. If you’re there on vacation, you’ll find out a lot more. A trip you’ll never forget…