Why its waters is not for everyone…

The beaches of the Ionian Sea are famous for their crystal clear waters which have a blue or blue-green color. The Ionian Islands have the privilege of having trees that reach the sea. There are, of course, some beaches that are even more unique by nature. One of them is Lagadakia beach which has a special feature. You realize it if you swim there several times or find out if someone tells you.

Lagadakia, the beach with the special feature

Lagadakia beach in Kefalonia has turquoise waters, fine sand, and white pebbles and definitely belongs to one of the most beautiful little ones in Greece. You will find it between the villages of Havdata and Havriata in Palic. It is a paradise chosen mainly by locals and not tourists since it is not particularly well known. If you go once, you’ll be thrilled by the beauty of the landscape.

However, the famous Lagadakia stands out for one more thing as they have a special unique feature in Greece. The waters of the beach never warm. Many even call it the “coldest beach in Greece” and perhaps not unfairly.

No matter how high the mercury has risen, Lagadakia beach keeps its waters cold. How does that happen? Under this beach, there are currents that do not let it acquire warm waters.

Lagadakia: The beautiful beach with the special feature

And some beaches may warm up towards September, but that’s not going to happen in Lagadakia. So if you belong to the category of those who want very warm water to swim, then that’s where you’ll just wet your feet. However, the scenery will be unforgettable. To see where Lagadakia beach is if you are in Kefalonia and want to visit it, click here.

Despite its cold waters, the beach gathers people due to its purity and the beauty of its landscape.

The cold waters in the Ionian Sea

However, it is not only the specific beach in Kefalonia that has cold waters. In fact, in general, the Ionian Sea has beaches with cold crystal clear waters. Many are those who just try to dive (especially if it’s not too hot) end up raining only on their feet.

However, the green landscapes they offer you reward you…

External photography source: Google Maps