The peculiarities behind their construction

Greece, a maritime country from the depths of its history, with hundreds of islands and huge coastline, needed to ensure the safest possible passage for all ships. This is why there are so many lighthouses in a multitude of places, all over the country.

Of all the lighthouses that serve navigation in Greece, few are recorded here that stand out for certain interesting elements such as location, chronology, and technical characteristics.

Tourlitis Lighthouse (Andros)

Tourlitis Lighthouse is located opposite the Venetian castle in Andros. Its location is special as it is the only lighthouse that was built on a small rock in the sea.

It was built in 1887. Its height is 7 meters and the focal height reaches 36 meters. It opened for the first time on 1 January 1897. In 1943 it was destroyed by the Germans and in 1950, as part of the reconstruction of the network, it acted as automatic acetylene on the ruins of the old one.

Its last renovation was in 1994 with a donation from the Goulandris family in memory of their daughter Violanta. The tower was reconstructed in its original form and began again to function as automatic acetylene.

Cape Tainaron (Mani)

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The lighthouse stands out in Kavo Matapa position as it is called by sailors. Cape Tainaron is of great importance in the Mediterranean. It is the newest lighthouse in Eastern Continental Europe. It was built in 1882 by the French and first opened in 1887. It is a square tower which is 16 meters high, focal height 41 meters and flares 19 nautical miles.

It is also turned by a two-storey metal cage with a lighting mechanism and a rotary dioptric. It is protected from northerly winds and difficult weather conditions. The first renovation of the lighthouse took place in 1930. During the years of occupation during the second world war, it ceased to function. It reopened in 1947 as part of network reconstruction.

In 1950, after its second renovation, new oil machines were installed and it housed 3 lighthouse keepers. Finally, in 1982 there was automation and conversion to solar.

Cape Maleas (Kavomalia)

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Kavomalias is the most important sea crossing in Greece. It is also called Small Mount Athos because of the many churches it had in the years of piracy. The cape is famous because of the harsh north winds that sail in the area. The lighthouse was built in 1883 – it is 15 meters high and a focal height 40 meters above sea level.

In 2010 the Catherine Laskaridis Foundation repaired and restored the stone lighthouse of Malea. It is located at the southernmost point of Monemvasia in Laconia, at the end of Mount Parnona and above the deep waters of the Myrtoos Sea. it light shines across Kythera and Elafonisos.

From the south side it is exposed to the huge waves and in the surrounding area, there are many small churches such as Agia Irini, Ai Giorgis, and others. Access to the lighthouse is by boat to the small port under Agia Irini or by a path through the petrified forest with turquoise waters.

Kranai Lighthouse (Gythio)

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The island of Kranai is located on the eastern side outside the port of Gythio. Mythology says that there was a love shelter for Paris and Nice Helen before and after Troy.

If you leave the port of Gythio and proceed toward the island, you will meet the Tzannetaki Tower which houses the Museum of Mani. But if you decide to cross the pine forest then you will notice on the other side of the island a very tall lighthouse.

Kranai Lighthouse is one of the oldest and most well preserved. It was built in 1873, has a height of 23 meters and a focal height of 78 meters. When it first started, the beam of light was with oil and reached 15 nautical miles.

The lighthouse is tall, built of stone and in its surroundings, there are fig trees and other trees, while the sea spreads in front of it. The ideal time to visit the lighthouse is at sunrise so you can enjoy the many beautiful colors that unfold in the sky and the sea.

Lighthouse of Agioi Theodoros (Kefalonia)

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The Lighthouse of Agioi Theodoros, near Argostoli is located in Lassi. It was built in 1828 by the English when Charles Napier was the commander. The height of the lighthouse is 8 meters and has a focal height of 11 meters.

He joined the Greek lighthouse network in 1863 with the annexation of the Ionian Islands to the national trunk. In 1953 it was destroyed by the great earthquake that struck the island. But it was rebuilt according to the original architectural design.

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