Turquoise waters on beaches which are drowned into pine trees

They often describe it as the most “green island in the Aegean” and it certainly claims the title of one of the most beautiful in the whole of Greece. Skopelos is a destination that offers you the peace and the rest you looking for even if you go there for a few days. It is the graphical one of the Sporades, ideal for lovers of all types of holidays. So you’re going to have just as much fun by yourself or with your family or with your partner. The green Aegean island looks like a painting in which you can spend a beautiful three-day period.

Skopelos, a three-day trip to the greenest island of the Aegean

As soon as you set foot in Skopelos, you’ll see a rare landscape. A unique combination of turquoise waters with a green landscape of trees. Skopelos is characterized by dense forests covering almost 80% of its size and has been officially declared as a green and blue island by the international organization biopolitics.

Within a three-day period, you can see many beaches, get to know Chora, and take several walks around. Let’s start from the beaches. There you will swim in turquoise and crystal clear waters with trees that reach the edge of the beach. The island is famous for having some of the most beautiful Aegean beaches. A multitude of pine trees will make sure you have natural shade and you can stay there from morning to night.

From the beaches, we have definitely distinguished Panormos. It’s a beach we recommend you to go from noon and stay until dusk. And that’s why you should feel like you’re swimming in a river of golden water as the sun fades at the bottom of the horizon. An idyllic beach is also Milia with dozens of pine trees touching the water.

The Dream Land of Skopelos

What is a three-day trip on the greenest island in the Aegean

Skopelos Town is one of the most graphical and traditional of the Aegean. It is located almost in the center of the island and looks like a small state. We suggest you to stay there if you go for three days so it will be your base. There is the port and in a close distance, there are beaches that will enchant you. Skopelos is the green island that will amaze you.

In Skopelos Town you will get pictures of the Endless Blue and you will enjoy your coffee and food in traditional courtyards under flowery bougainvillea. Even there you will encounter plenty of green popping out among the white houses of the settlement.

How is a three-day trip on the greenest island of the Aegean1

Don’t miss:

  • Visit the village of Glossa, which is considered one of the most beautiful and graphical of the island.
  • Take a mini road trip on the south and west side of the island in search of the green beach that will click you for swimming.
  • Get in a bakery shop and ask for a traditional skopelos cheese pie. (In fact, don’t leave the island unless you taste it).
  • Organize a short visit to the Venetian Castle of Gyzi.

Within three days you can do all the above and arrange your next appointment on the island for new experiences…