Ithaca at its best

There is no doubt that in Greece there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Others more and others less well known, they attract the interest of Greek and foreign visitors. If you prefer quieter beaches offered for holidays even in September, then the Ionian Sea can offer you this relaxation that you ask for in its blue or even turquoise waters. One such case is the beautiful beach of Gidaki in Ithaca with its crystal clear waters and green environment. So quiet that you can stand there for hours looking the endless blue. The images from above speak for themselves.

Gidaki beach is located on the beautiful and special island of Ionia, Ithaca. It is not the only paradise of the island since most of its beaches have turquoise waters and an idyllic landscape in the green. Images that make you understand why Ulysses always wanted to come back. It is no coincidence that Gidaki beach is one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Greece. The ones you need a little trouble to discover, but one dive there is never enough.

Gidaki Beach is located in the southeast of the island. To get there (you can see HERE exactly the point) there is a path. You will start from the next bay of Schinou and reach through a pine path. After a while, the miracle will be in front of you to reward you for any fatigue.

There is, however, an easier way to approach it. Most visitors (which we did when we were there) prefer to reach Gidakis beach with the help of a boat. It doesn’t take long to swim in the cool, blue cool waters. The scenery consists of three things: the color of the waters, the white pebbles, and the green landscape.

The view you will enjoy from Gidaki is… Unique. You’re looking towards The Island of Atoko and you want to get there by swimming. What is certain is that whether you prefer to relax the beach or swim for an hour in the water, the experience will not be ordinary.

To enjoy Gidaki beach from above you only have to watch the video from the Travel Inspiration channel of Youtube.

Holidays in September in Ithaca

Everything flows slower and more beautifully in Ithaca. Especially when it’s September. Ithaca is the island of the Ionian Sea that you can easily visit all its places in just 48 hours. So if you spend there one of the first weekends of September, you’ll be in heaven before you even know it. You will enjoy, among other things, very good food and hospitality. Seek to swim in beaches accessed exclusively by boat.Ithaca beaches