A magical place with an interesting history

When Lord Elgin wanted to pass with the stolen Parthenon Marbles from the sea of Avlemona to the east of Kythera, nature seems to have wanted to prevent this passage. So the story tells That is why, as the locals say, it ended in the shipwreck that took place in 1802. It was when Elgin’s ship sank outside the port of Avlemona in southeastern Kythera, transporting the Parthenon sculptures to England. Where exactly? Where unexpected beauty motivates you to discover it under the bright sun… In Avlemona, the most beautiful fishing village in the Mediterranean, on the coastline of Kythera. The distinguished position is held by this seaside village that owes its personality to its picturesque coves with its crystal clear green waters.

The island of Kythera without drumbeats and without ever being involved in the game of major tourist destinations, “sitting” in its corner, somewhere between the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan Seas. Within a few years, however, suddenly the lights of the summer holidays fell on it and they … lift it up! Part of the blinding glow and visibility that attracts tourist interest. It is an area of Avlemona with its charming natural beauty and enchanting… Pool.

The version of the origin of the name of the settlement probably comes from the word avlemmon (‘a’ depriving + look). It means “where the eye does not reach” and is certainly not identified with desire and reality. The village is built in Cycladic style. Its sea attracts visitors for both swimming and diving, as it allows you to admire it from above.

The Venetian fortress-observatory stands there as the guardian of a great, but also martyrdom past. It whispers to you a long course for which you want to seek out historical testimonies. A walk along its cobbled paths will lead you from one side to the port with the historic Kavalini building and its clock – the Bardiola, and the boats, and on the other to Castelo. It is the small fortress that used to supervise the area and the port with the Venetian Leo of St. Mark.

The Parthenon... at the bottom of Avlemona1

The discreet lighting at night and the walking routes with the colorful altanes in the surrounding areas touch the soul of the visitor. They create unique emotions that capture in the mind every inch of Avlemona’s land, every element that brings it out, every corner of beauty and grace.

The village where you can do everything.

The village of Avlemona, as remote as it is compared to the rest of the island of Kythera, is a completely autonomous destination. It has, in fact, the most fanatical audience. Ideal destination is for families with young children.

The Parthenon... at the bottom of Avlemona2

A walk in the village of Avlemona can offer a swim in the beautiful small bay, food in the picturesque taverns with plenty of fish mezes and coffee by the sea. The sea gives the opportunity to lovers of fishing to enjoy their hobby from the surrounding rocks. A boat ride can relax you by navigating the east coast of the island. It is no coincidence that Avlemonas, with its unique atmosphere, attracts singers, musicians, and other artists, as there people of all forms of Art find a hospitable place.

The beauty in Avlemona… There’s no end to it. It reaches as far as the enchanting sunset ends in the colors of the horizon. Visit itand actually live the dream… summer night in the sea of Kythera!

Photo Source:kythera.gr