Ancient and modern history with a blue-green background

In a country like Greece, it’s hard to go to a place and not know an aspect of history. You will learn events that often become entangled with myth and you will find that a journey is just the reason for exploration. An exploration of places, traditions, history and flavors. And when you put it all together, the result can only be a powerful travel experience. Such an interesting historical aspect unfolds in Eretria. Where the two ports, the old and the new have a distance of a few meters but also… 2,500 years old.

The ancient and modern port of Eretria is only 30 meters apart. What is most striking, however, is that historically they are almost 2,500 years away. And of course now one port is immersed in a part of it. The images from above are extremely impressive.

The old port is actually the western end of the port of Eretria. It’s a sensational and monumental construction. A centuries-old creation of crude stones that stretches for about 600 meters.

Somewhere there at the southeastern end of the port is the lighthouse of the modern port. There is the meeting point of history that was written almost 25 centuries ago. For about 300 meters they are actually connected as 300 meters of the old port are covered by a modern port arm.

Looking from above one can see the old port in the turquoise waters. A port with a rich history. You can imagine if you close your eyes, the merchant ships of that time to go and come. An ancient Greece that now looks so close to you. The ancient construction of the port throughout its length it maintains a fixed width of 8 meters.

You will see it in the water since it is now about to 86 centimeters lower than the current sea level. It is believed that this ancient construction took place at the beginning of the second half of the 4th century BC with some supporting changes at the beginning of the 3rd century BC.

Enjoy the images that the HaanityChannel of Youtube gives us from above. Ancient and modern history rest on top of each other against the background of the turquoise waters of Eretria.