Turquoise waters and trees that reach the sea level.

Kefalonia is a paradise on earth, a trademark of the beauty of the Ionian Sea. There you will find large sandy beaches and trees that reach the sea. Crystal waters and incomparable beauty in one of the most special parts of Greece. It is no coincidence that it is a favorite destination for many Greek and foreign visitors. There, stands out a place that is the most beloved and very photographed. It is the village of Assos.

A settlement with sensational beaches in a verdant environment. The peninsula of Assos in Kefalonia is a landscape of particular beauty that makes you immediately to compare it with foreign places, such as the coasts of neighboring Italy.
Assos, the settlement

The settlement of Assos is around the sea and is located in the northern part of Kefalonia. When you arrive you will notice that it is built amphitheatrically on the homonymous peninsula.

Assos has maintained the Ionian architecture in most of its parts and this makes it even more graphical and beautiful. Walking in the village you will notice how well-groomed the inhabitants have the settlement. Apart from its natural beauty, it is no coincidence that it stands out on the island.

Beautiful with earthly intense colors and the combination of the magnificent landscape of the sea will captivate you. After enjoying your swim in the green waters of the local beach, you can taste authentic Kefalonia cook in the restaurants of the settlement or have a coffee staring the view. Experiences that will make you want to return to the island and to this particular village. It is no coincidence that many people choose this settlement every summer and take a vacation there.

Ace: The exotic paradise in Kefalonia

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One of the attractions of the settlement is the castle which is one of the most important in Kefalonia. It was built at the end of the 15th century with the aim of protecting the inhabitants of Assos from pirate raids. For a few decades, the castle was used as a prison by the Greek state. It’s something worth seeing for sure even if you don’t stay in that particular settlement.

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Very close to the settlement of Assos is the famous beach of Myrtos which is one of the trademarks of Kefalonia.

You need to pay attention to swimming due to the sea currents that exist in the area. It has also other smaller and lesser-known beaches that are worth visiting

The whole island of Kefalonia has beautiful places that will captivate you. Endless beaches with blue waters and beautiful villages to relax. Pure enjoyment! All you have to do is arrange the dates for your trip!

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