The… red feature that makes it stand out

Kythera is not an island where you will enjoy ordinary holidays. It’s the place where you’ll have new experiences, dives in crystal clear turquoise waters, you’ll taste nice and quality flavors. Kythera is the island where Aphrodite was born and seems she has given much of her beauty in this island of the Ionian Sea. And it may belong administratively to Attica but Kythera is a prime example of the beauty of the Ionian Islands and no one can doubt it. On this island, the beaches are amazing. One of those beaches that will capture your heart in Kythera is Fyri Ammos

The beautiful beach Fyri Ammos in Kythera

The beach of Fyrri Ammos is the second with the same name that exists in Kythera That’s weird, isn’t it? To find out which one we are talking about, it is good to know that it is located on the northeastern side, very close to the settlement of Agia Pelagia.

Once you get to the beach you will see a very beautiful landscape that will make you understand that it was worth getting there. To get into more detail, the beach environment is surrounded by red sand, small pebbles, and red rocks. This rock indicates that its a volcanic area’s environment. The environment vibrations are magical anytime you take the time to enjoy them.

Usually, it is not crowded it and if the weather is good you won’t have a problem enjoying a dive in the clear waters of the beach. It’s a large beach and there’s space for everyone.

Fyri Ammos: The great and special of Kythera1

Useful Information about the beach.

The beach of Fyrri Ammos in Agia Pelagia is about 30 km away to the port of the island Diakofti. We’ve written to you before about Diakofti and its beauty. It’s the first thing you come across on the island, and it gives you a clear picture of what you are going to see, further. You can read and remember more… HERE!

The road to the beach of Fyri Ammos is in good condition and from the beach of Agia Pelagia to Fyri Ammos there is asphalt. It will be easy to enjoy a swimming experience that will be unforgettable. In one of the most beautiful and graphical places of the island.