Green landscape that reaches the sea

Greece is famous for its crystal clear beaches but some of them certainly stand out for the purity and clarity of their waters. One of them is located in Kefalonia and is an exotic paradise that captures your heart as soon as you are there. That beach is Antisamos beach which is hidden in a large bay. It is a unique beach which is surrounded by a green flowering landscape that reaches the sea. That’s why they’re used to calling it the mirror beach.

Because its waters reflect the beauty of the green environment around.

Antisamos beach with crystal clear waters

When you reach Antisamos, you will initially stay with your mouth open with the beauty of the landscape and the color of the waters. You will find an organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, cafes and a water-sports kiosk. Whatever you need for having a good and relaxing time. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most beloved beaches of Kefalonia. Many people approach the beach with luxury boats and they enjoy diving in the crystal clear waters.

Diving in its magical waters and the view it’s amazing while you observe the southern part of Ithaca which is very close to Kefalonia and it is easy to see it.

How to get to this beach in Kefalonia

Antisamos beach is located in the eastern part of Kefalonia, very close to the port of Sami. It is one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches of the island so there is also the appropriate signage. One thing you may not know is that on this particular beach, scenes from the Mandolin of Captain Corelli’ were filmed in 2000, contributing to the tourist promotion of Kefalonia around the world.

Antisamos Beach: A beach like a mirror with crystal clear watersThe road network is asphalt and crosses a beautiful landscape with a wonderful view to the beach of Antisamos. You can park easily around the beach as there is a large parking area. See HERE exactly where Antisamos beach is located in Kefalonia.

Don’t miss:

Near the beach of Antisamos is worth visiting the monastery of Panagia in Agrilia. From there you will enjoy the wonderful view of the alley between Kefalonia and Ithaca. Also try to find the ruined Monastery of Agioi Fanedon, which is nearby.

If you go to Kefalonia for a holiday, you will definitely enjoy swimming on any beach you choose.