Untouched beauty on the island of contrasts

There are large and popular islands in Greece. And there are the islands you never thought that you want to visit, but eventually, when you will do it, you are going to enjoy amazing moments. And one of these islands is definitely Karpathos. The island of contrasts in which your vacation will be unique. Because Karpathos seems untouched by the tourist traffic and offers experiences different from the classic ones. It is not, of course, a coincidence that they call it the island of contrasts. Karpathos is the island with the 100 beaches that you will want to visit all of them.

One of the main features of this island that belongs to the Dodecanese complex is that you can visit it at whatever age you are or your company/family is. That’s because it offers everything you probably expect. From organized accommodation and shallow beaches for families to an amazing nightlife for younger ages. Karpathos is the island that won’t cost you much and you’ll feel that your money was worth spending since you will enjoy great holidays

The Town which is also the Port of the island is Pigadia. Try to find the hill on which the Minoan Acropolis was located. From there you will continue to Panagia Larniotissa and you will have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking view of the whole city and villages. The endless blue is in front of you it is amazing

Karpathos and its 100 beaches

And yet it’s true. Karpathos has over 100 registered points/coasts where you can swim and enjoy the waters of the Aegean Sea. There are beaches for all tastes. There are beaches with sand and others with pebbles, the sandy beaches are on the west side of the island and the ones with pebbles on the east. And of course, you can choose if you want an organized beach or an isolated one. It has everything.

What is certain is that you will enjoy crystal clear waters that will capture your mind. The one that we prefer is diakoftis beach with crystal clear blue waters and white fine sand. The swimming there will be unforgettable.

Karpathos: Holidays on the island with the 100 beaches1

Don’t miss

If you choose Karpathos for your holidays, do not miss the opportunity to take a boat trip to the island of Savia located in the north of the island. The scenery is sensational as well as the beauty of the sea. A unique experience.

Karpathos: Holidays on the island with the 100 beaches

Follow the paths on the island of contrasts

Apart from the beaches, the island is also suitable for other activities such as haking tourism. There is a network of fifty paths that exceeds 200 kilometers. Most are mapped and pass through steep slopes and traditional villages. In addition to hiking, on the island, you will find infrastructures for mountain biking, climbing diving, and other alternative tourism options.

Photo Source: karpathosinfo.com