Turquoise waters and golden sand

They say that… Like Halkidiki, there is no other. And if you’ve been there at least once, you realize it might be true. This is because Halkidiki is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the mainland of Greece that offers you at the same time many good choices. Within walking distance of Thessaloniki, it captures not only the inhabitants of the co-capital who seek a short escape to its magical beaches but also travelers from every corner of Greece and Europe. The best beaches in Halkidiki of Sithonia are waiting for you.

Sithonia is located in the second of the three “legs” that form the coastline of Halkidiki and seduces visitors with its lacy beaches and turquoise waters that evoke a backdrop of exotic islands.


The Kavourotripes is located 23 km south of Vourvourous. At that point, there is a cluster of many small beaches that reaches 5 km length.

To reach the kavourotripes there is not enough signage, so you will focus your attention on the main road of Sithonia on the sign “beach bar portokali”. There are other routes to reach, but it is through a rough dirt road.

When you reach the beach, you will notice the beautiful turquoise waters with the exotic sand. The environment of the beach impresses the traveler with the various sculptures that anonymous artists have created on the rocks that are all around.

The organized part of the beach is where the beach bar Orange is located. The other sides of the beach are isolated and deserted.


Halkidiki: The best beaches of Sithonia

Photo Source: halkidikinews.gr

In order to head to the beach, you must leave the main road of Sithonia and cross the dense forest which covers a route of about 400 meters to the entrance of the campsite.

The entrance is under security and there is a limited time you can visit the beach. When your allowed time will be finished you have to leave or to pay an extra fee.


Halkidiki: The best beaches of Sithonia

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Kalamitsi is located 6 km from Sykia Halkidiki and is about 150 km from Thessaloniki. It is a calm beach with beautiful fine white sand and crystal clear light waters. It is surrounded by grey rocks. Restaurants and taverns can be found around the beach.

Ai Giannis

Photo Source: sithonianews.blogspot.com

Ai Giannis is one of the favorite beaches of the visitors in the summertime. It has crystal clear waters, platinum sand, and is well organized. It also has a beach bar which has everything you need and with its music it sets the mood of the visitors


Halkidiki: The best beaches of Sithonia

Photo Source: visitsithonia.gr

Lagomandra beach is close to the area of Neos Marmaras. This spot is famous for the many cottages and villas available for rent in the area.

Lagomandra consists of two small beaches which are separated by
a small rock in the middle. Behind the beach, there are some trees that create thick shade.

When you arrive, the beach will impress you as it has thick brown sand and its waters are usually calm. But the sea deepens sharply just a few meters after the coast, and the children should be supervised by their parents.


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Karidi beach is the most famous beach in the area of Vourvourous and is located at its northern edge. It’s very similar to Orange Beach. It is visited by families with young children because its waters are shallow.

That’s why a lot of people visit it in the summer. The beach is not organized but in the summertime, there is a canteen with drinks and snacks.

Its environment consists of light-colored sand, turquoise waters, and rocks in various shapes. When you arrive you will be able to park the car, as there is plenty of space with trees that create shade.

External photography source: olathessaloniki.gr