Walking in Chania Town

Enjoy your walk in amazing Chania and explore this beautiful town

The city of Chania is a coastal town of northwest Crete, one of its most important ports and the capital of the prefecture of Chania. Chania is divided into two main sections. The old town, with the old harbor, and the new city, outside the walls. The amazing old town is built around the Venetian harbor and is surrounded by the Venetian fortifications of 1538, creating a picturesque landscape.

There you can find many shops, taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars for every taste, but also beautiful narrow streets to enjoy your walk for endless hours. Moreover, keep in mind that there are many opportunities for your accommodation.

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Walking in Heraklion Town

Heraklion Town: One of the most attractive cities in the Mediterranean

Heraklion of Crete, which is surrounded by the huge Venetian walls, keeps the tradition of one of the most attractive cities in the Mediterranean. It covers and satisfies all tastes and requirements of the visitors but also of the locals.

For centuries it was the center, the metropolis of Crete. The sights in Heraklion are many, since here are the oldest monuments and samples of the first culture of Europe, testimonies of Western Culture.

Moreover, there are splendid villas for rent, catering to the eclectic traveller.

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Walking in Rethymno Town

Rethymno Old Town is a wonderful place for walking

The wonderful Old Town of Rethymno is a preserved Renaissance town that has elements from both Venetian and Ottoman domination. Above the old town stands the fortress of Fortezza.

In the city there are the picturesque shopping streets of Arkadi and Antistaseos street, but also little beautiful narrow streets, where you can enjoy a walk. By walking there the traditional music from the taverns of Rethymno will excite you. So, think about to drink some raki, with the locals.

The Old Town of Rethymno is an ideal place to rend a villa or a room to let for your accommodation.

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The Old Town of Chania

Enjoy endless walks on the waterfront of the Venetian harbor at the old town of Chania

In the old town with the beautiful Venetian harbor, the heart of the city of Chania and the Prefecture of Chania bits the whole year.

Numerous people, tourists and residents of Chania, people of all ages, come here and enjoy what the historic old town and the enchanting Venetian harbor has to offer.

The endless walks on the waterfront of the Venetian harbor and the picturesque streets of the old town, as well as the fun in the taverns and bars of Chania are the favorite activities of the visitors.

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The Old Town of Rethymno

A visit at the Old town of Rethymno looks like a trip to another era

A walk in the streets of the old town of Rethymno looks like a trip to another era. Today, the old town of Rethymnon is a lively museum of monuments of the past centuries. Despite the disasters suffered in World War II, many Venetian and Turkish monuments have been preserved as the city has not been hit by earthquakes.

Moreover, the Venetian Loggia, an elegant building of the 16th century, that used to be a Venetian gentlemens’ club and today houses offices of the Μinistry of Culture is a city reference point.

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The Old Port of Rethymno

The Old Port of Rethymno: An ideal place for walking and relaxing moments

The Venetian Port of Rethymnon or Old Port is located next to the modern harbor and is one of the most picturesque parts of Rethymno’s Old Town with a trademark of the Egyptian Lighthouse.

It was already in the Byzantine period (after 961 AD), but it experienced its flowering during the Venetian domination. It is undoubtedly an ideal place for walking and relaxing moments during your holidays.

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The Port of Souda In Chania

Port of Souda: A strategic point of the Eastern Mediterranean

If you arrive by ferry to Chania, you will arrive at the Port of Souda, which is located only 6 km east of the city of Chania and south of the Akrotiri peninsula.

Most of the sightseeing around the bay of Souda are directly linked to the great natural harbor that has been, through the ages, a strategic point of the Eastern Mediterranean. There you can visit the Archaeological Site of Aptera, the Fortezza Fortress in Souda Island, the Koule of Aptera, the Itzedin Fortress and the Allied Cemetery of the World War II.

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