If your dream moments at the sea are under the shade of your tree or umbrella with your coffee, Attica has many options to offer you. There is, however, another factor that interests many when they go for a swim. A factor that can spoil your day if it happens there is, It’s none other than the wind. What if the beach they choose to go for a swim blows the wind so much that all they “enjoy” is the waves and the sand on their face? If you belong to this category that you don’t want to happen to you with the wind at the beach, then things are very simple. You choose one of the calm beaches of Attica that is not caught by the wind.

You’re going to say “there are them?” Course! They are sheltered and protected beaches where you will rarely have waves and wind. Look at some of the ones we’ve tried many times in exploringgreece.tv and we’re not disappointed.

Loubarda Beach, Attica

A beach – guarantee for a good and quiet swim. It is one of the classic beaches that you will not be disturbed by the wind because it is located in such a way that it is protected by the north wind. The swim there is a delight. And you can choose if you want to sit in the organized or free part of the beach. Whatever you choose, you will find clear, shallow, and turquoise waters. This beach is located in Varkiza and you will arrive very quickly from the center of Athens. Your walk and your swim there are guaranteed. It is one of the calmest beaches of Attica without wind.

See how you get to Loubarda HERE

Chonima Beach, Attica

Photo Source: Google Maps If elsewhere in Attica it has north wind, on the beach Of Tsonima you will enjoy the calmest seas.

This beach is located in Keratea and you will need to get there in about an hour. The waters are crystal clear and most days calm (as many times as we went we enjoyed the swim). You won’t have any trouble finding it. It’s a good idea to go early so you can find a parking space on the side of the road for the car and to see exactly where the small beach is Chonima, you can press it HERE. It is essentially very close to the most famous beach in the area, Vromopoussi.

Chamolia Beach, Attica

That’s a little diamond in Attica. Crystal clear turquoise waters in sheltered and wind-free golf. Chances are you’ll be lucky and not hit by the wind as the beach or rarely by northerly winds. To reach this beautiful exotic beach of Attica, you have to take the road to the settlement of Hamolia. The homonymous beach is between Lutsa and Porto Rafti. In 500 meters you will find on your left hand a dirt road that leads to Little Chamolia. Have a good time! See exactly where the beach is HERE.

Bromopousi Beach, Attica

Kalopigado: The quiet beach of Attica with the clear waters1 Photo Source: Google Maps It is a beach that we often choose and not unfairly.

Because it has both shallow worms and clean waters. It has fluffy sand and natural shade. And it’s also the children’s favorite because they enjoy their game in a beautiful place. And how can not be the favorite of the grown-ups since it’s wind-free? Her name has nothing to do with what you’re going to see. It is one of the beaches of Attica without wind that we choose over and over again and not just for one reason. From us are the first choices for a nice and relaxing swim.

See where Vromopousi beach is here. External photography source: Google Maps