Just because you may not leave Athens for a summer vacation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful places of Attica and enjoy your swim there. Besides, Attica has beaches with clear waters and shallow and warm sandy beaches. The last one is a basic criterion for those who love warm waters and can not even get into the sea if the water is cold.

In myGreece.tv we have located and recommended four beaches in Attica with warm waters that you will enjoy your swim…

Psatha Beach

I’m sure you’ve heard of this particular beach. But have you been there? It is one of the beaches of Attica that has warm waters. It is about an hour from the center of Athens and is enclosed in a pine forest that will offer you coolness and tranquility. It is a pebbled beach with crystal clear warm waters. On its plus side is also the fact that it has the necessary size so that it is never crowded no matter how many people choose it. If you love clean and warm waters then you’ve found out where your next swim will be. See HERE on the map where Psatha is located.

Mikro Kavouri Beach

Four beaches in Attica with warm waters2

Photo Source: Google Maps There you will find one of the warmest waters in Attica.

A beach for leisure swimming under the Attic sun. It is a clean sandy beach ideal for families that offers you, among other things, natural shade. You will enjoy your swim a breath away from Athens and return home refreshed. Press HERE to see exactly where the beach is and how you approach it. It is one of the easily accessible beaches in Attica so popular with “the megalo kavouri”

Daskaleio Beach

Four beaches in Attica with warm waters1

Photo Source: Google Maps We’re heading to a beach in Keratea that may not have anything special that will magnetize you, but it has basic things that will make you appreciate it.

Clear waters, nice fluffy sand, and warm waters. What else do you need to spend a beautiful and relaxed Sunday for a swim? In addition to a hot bath in the area, you will also enjoy good food in one of the many local taverns. That’s ideal for a one-day excursion. See where Daskaleio beach is here.

Vravrona Beach

Four beaches in Attica with warm waters3

Photo Source: Google Maps

It may not be on the list of ones that have warm waters but as many times as we have been, we enjoyed a nice and warm swim.

That’s how Vravrona Beach got on our list. You will enjoy your swim there having to drive only 40 minutes away from the center of Athens. In the blue waters, you can dive while you take a break from the shade that the trees offer you. One of the beaches in Attica that is worth knowing if you haven’t already. See where the beach is by clicking HERE.