1. The Spirit of the Caldera

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It is a backgroud history of the island for the settlements, the volcano the architecture and the things you are about to experience in Santorini.

2. The amazing architecture

The architecture of this island will amaze you

The traditional architecture of Santorini is part of the Aegean Sea.The scenery that the visitor admires when it comes to Santorini is unique, with small white houses with blue doors and shutters in narrow alleys.

In many cases the constructions of the properties are very close to each other, which makes you think it is on top of each other.

However, the cave houses of Santorini, with a large part of the house continuing in a cave will amaze you.

In Santorini you will find amazing suites and villas where are carved into the rocks, each with private veranda and panoramic views.

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3. The History and Myth of Santorini

Santorini is a great historic island

The great prehistoric volcanic disaster in 1613 BC created the caldera of Santorini and resulted in the destruction of prehistoric civilization and the island itself. Later and in honor of the church of Saint Irene, the Frankish Crusaders called it Santorini (Santa Irene).

During the 16th century, Santorini and other Aegean islands received the raids of Turkish pirates, eventually finally occupied by the Turks in 1566. Despite the bad soil and the devastating earthquakes that struck the island, Santorini developed agriculture and shipping.

Santorini took part in the Greek Revolution On 5 May 1821 and became part of the Greek state in 1832 along with the rest of the Cycladic islands.

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4. The feature volcano and the wonderful Caldera

Visit Santorini to enjoy worldwide stunning views

Santorini is known worldwide for its peculiarity of natural scenery that comes from its volcano. The last volcanic activity was the year 1950.

Santorini belongs to the volcanic arc of the Aegean and is characterized as an active volcano along with Methana, Milos and Nisyros.

Santorini as well as the islands of Thirassia and Aspronissi are remnants of the volcanic island of Strongylis. Stroggili was a volcanic cone, the central part of which was blasted along with the volcano crater and resulted in the creation of what we now call caldera of Santorini. The stunning view of Caldera is world-famous and attracts millions of tourists.

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5. Monasteries & Churches

The churches and monasteries of Santorini are a popular tourist attraction

Santorini is an amazing picturesque island where you can enjoy relaxing holidays with unforgettable moments. There are many cities and villages that you can explore and experience the life of Santorini.

Moreover, you can visit churches and monasteries on this island, which are a tourist attraction for visitors. The painted bright blue domes of the Santorini churches, in the majority of cases, stand out in the scenery of the island. Among the beautiful churches of Santorini you can visit and admire the Panagia Episkopi and Prophitis Ilias or the female Catholic monastery of the Dominicans and many others.

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