Spili Town

Spili: Have you ever drink water full of iron?

Spili is located 30 km south of Rethymno and is built at the foot of Mount Vorizis.  The village is a transport hub for southern Crete and is the capital of the province of Agios Vasilios.

At the square of the village there is the Kefalovrisi, a series of 25 lion-shaped taps, whose mouths flow water rich in iron. One of the village’s attractions is the many traditional watermills that survive and especially one of those still in operation.

It is a really picturesque village with almost all basic services such as banks, post office, health center and police station. Also, there are many choices for your accommodation in the wider area.

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Margarites Village

Margarites: Visit the second most important pottery center in Crete

The beautiful village of Margarites is a mountainous village27 km away from Rethymno. Built amongst two gorges of special beauty by a queen of Eleftherna, Margarita, impressed by the amazing beauty of the place, sold her expensive jewelery and ordered that this settlement be built in her honor.

The history of the Margarites passes from the Byzantine era, the Cretan Renaissance, reaches the era of Ottoman domination and continues until today. Also, Margarites are the second most important pottery center in Crete.

In the broader area you can find many opportunities for your stay in Rethymno.

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Plakias Village

Plakias Village: A famous destination to tourists worldwide

Plakias is located 36 km south of Rethymnon, in the fertile plain formed by river Kotsifos; which has water all year round and Plakias is a famous destination to tourists worldwide.

Around the village of Plakias you will find many small picturesque villages and magnificent beaches to explore.

If you prefer to stay in Plakias, you will have many choices as the town is well organized with plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, water sports and scuba diving centers, as well organized and wonderful beaches.

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Episkopi Village

Episkopi Village: An ideal place to explore the traditional life of Crete

The beautiful Episkopi is a traditional village of Rethymno prefecture, located on the border with Chania, and is only 14 kilometers away from the city of Rethymno. It has a special interest in traditional houses and narrow streets, since it has preserved its authenticity and Cretan lifestyle.

Episkopi is the right place to explore the traditional life of the villages of Crete. It has only one small café and a grocery store that is enough for you to taste the delicious Cretan products and drink a handcrafted raki.

Also, if you decided to stay there you can find many wonderful villas for rent.

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Anogia Village

Anogia Village: A village renowned throughout Greece for its contribution to culture

The beautiful Anogia is located 36 km west of Heraklion and 52 km southeast of Rethymnon. This village is renowned throughout Greece for its contribution to culture. It has also, a very close connection with Mount Psiloritis and its mountainous landscapes.

The residents are mainly engaged in livestock farming and are characterized by their hospitality. Here you can find genuine Cretan people who still wear traditional Cretan costumes.

If you are looking for high quality accommodation in the wider area, explore the available rent-a-villa options.

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Zoniana Village

Zoniana: The picturesque village with the famous Sfentoni Cave

The picturesque Zoniana is a mountainous village and the only settlement of the Mylopotamos province on the eastern side of Rethymnon.
The village found in Psiloritis within walking distance of the famous Anogia of Rethymno.

In recent years Zoniana has one of the highest demographic explosions in Greece. It is characteristic that most of the young people in the village continue to live there.

The village of Zoniana is undoubtedly a place to visit in Rethymno, as you will discover  the famous Sfentoni Cave and  aspects of Cretan life that you did not know.

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