Kastelli Town

Kastelli: A small town  near wonderful beaches

The Kastelli orKissamos is a small town which is located in the northwest part of the prefecture of Chania, 37 km from the city of Chania. Kastelli has a lot of shops to buy souvenirs and clothes except of  many restaurants and cafes along the sea. Also, it has a  small harbor from which some boats leave for the near magical beaches.

It is a busy place, so in the afternoon many people go for a walk at the seaside pedestrian street. If you choose Kastelli for your stay, you will have an easy access to the 3 of the most wonderful beaches of the Mediterranean.

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Paleochora Town

Paleochora: An amazing town built on a peninsula

Paleochora is a seaside town and is located on the southwest coast of Crete, 70km away. It is built on a peninsula that is protected by strong winds from the two mountains that surround it. someone visiting Paleochora meets this rare and wild landscape.

Then we find a flat spreading, the plain of Paleochora, which stops at the Libyan Sea. From Paleochora you can easily explore the western part of the island.

You can also enjoy several sea-related activities as well as having your own shopping or even  try traditional Cretan dishes and enjoying your coffee or your drink. Moreover, you will find numerous choices for your stay.

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Kandanos Village

Kandanos: A magnificent mountain village, based on rural life

Kandanos is a quiet and magnificent mountain village at 60 km from Chania town. You can drive to it from Chania through mountain road which needs attention.

Or else you can access to it by the local buses named KTEL with an hour trip. The locals are mainly engaged in agriculture, lives to farming production of extra virgin olive oil and trade.

In the village you will find restaurants with excellent traditional Cretan food and ice cream from local sheep and goat milk.

The village is not much touristic so you will not see many visitors. but you will have the chance to enjoy the authentic rural life of Crete.

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