Its name may refer to the strong northwest wind, but as far as Attica is concerned, you should know that it can easily refer to a hidden and small beach. Vardaris is a small beach of Attica with blue waters that makes you feel that you are on a small island. The fact, that it is not particularly well known makes it more attractive. Because you can enjoy carefree moments close to your house. This beach is located in the area of Megara and is waiting for you to discover it.

Vardaris, the quiet beach of Attica for a quiet swim

Vardaris is the quiet beach of Attica in Megara that will give you unique moments and especially calmness It is a beach with pebbles and rocks from which you can also dive. This is not an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas so if you are thinking of visiting it you should take your equipment with you.

Weekdays are ideal if you want to enjoy more quietness as on weekends Vardaris has more people. You will find, however, easy to park in any case. You will swim in the crystal clear waters and relax on one of the little rocks (we prefer these instead of the pebbles). You can also get your book and enjoy some more relaxing moments with the sea in the background. While at first when you enter the sea you find a few stones, then sand awaits you. The spot is ideal if you also like diving.

Vardaris: The hidden beach of Attica for a quiet swimming

How to get to the quiet beach of Attica

Vardaris Beach is just 43 km from the center of Athens. That means you’ll need less than an hour to get to the beach. Bring water and everything else you will probably need. Your next outing may be in this beautiful part of southwest Attica that few know. Autumn is the ideal time for such excursions next to your home safely and quietly. Vardaris is the beach of Attica that will leave you a pleasant memory!

External photography source: Google Maps