Attica! A place with many hidden treasures and secrets that all they do is wait for you to discover them. Hidden beaches and blue waters you will encounter exploring Attica. One of these secrets is a magical island of Attica that you can even go swimming and is located in the Kakia thalassa
What makes it stand out are its natural sea pools. A real treasure for diving. This particular spot is a good hidden secret that if you look at it is most likely that you will become one of your favorite places for summer dips in Attica.

The enchanting island of Attica where you can go swimming

This island of Attica is located just 40 minutes from the center of Athens and 100 meters from the coast at Kakia thalassa beach, in keratea. When you look at it from above or if you visit it for swimming you will find that the special natural swimming pool occupies almost a 1\4 of this small island.

The images from above are extremely impressive. A small but capable taste to convince us gives the Channel Up Drones of Youtube.

Kakia thalassa Beach

kakia thalassa draws its name from the Greek mythology and the willingness of the god Zeus to help the Greeks in the war against the barbarian conquerors. Thus it caused through God Poseidon huge waves which literally swallowed the fleet of the enemies.

kakia thalassa-Keratea5

Actually the beach of Kakia thalassa where the enchanting island is located is one of the most beautiful beaches in Attica.On this particular sandy beach apart from the unique natural water beauty that you will see, the coast offers its visitors an alternative sports activity that is none other than … Climbing. There is one of the best climbing fields that one meets near Athens!

Opportunity to get to know the beach of Kakia thalassa and take a dip to the near beautiful island of Attica.