Endless sand and clear waters

Summer may be over but the dives on the beaches of Attica can continue in the autumn. Especially on a beach like Marathon. A spread beach, shallow and with clear waters. Where you can go alone, with friends, or with your family. You’re going to enjoy it any time you will be there. And you’ll travel a short distance from your home saving time and money. You just make the decision, you load the car and you leave.

Marathon Beach: The guaranteed value for the last dives of summer

Marathon beach is one of the favorite choices of the residents of Attica and not unfairly. It is a quiet place with clear and shallow water. You can stay there until sunset and have a beautiful day. And it’s so big that it’s never going to feel crowded, especially during a month like September.

In one part of it is organized but of course, you can take your own equipment with you and sit there for hours. Your umbrella and towel, and your racquets to have some fun. There’s even a natural shade and the cool breeze will make you feel like you’re on an island. At Marathon beach, you will find warm waters and you are going to love swimming during September. And it’s going to be your favorite month for nearby sea escapes.

Apart from the dives, you will take in the waters of Marathon beach, you can generally spend your day pleasantly there. The area has all the facilities. You’ll have your coffee or your drink in one of the coffee shops and enjoy your food in one of the taverns. Besides, you have plenty of options. You choose what you want!

Summer may be over but the bathrooms on the beaches of Attica can continue

Photo Source: Google Maps

How to get to Marathon Beach

Access to this beach, as we said, is easy and quick. To see exactly where it is and locate it on the map, click HERE. Once you arrive you will park quickly and easily in one of the various places. Within the next five minutes, you will enjoy your swim in one of the most beautiful and large beaches of Attica.

Have a good time!

Kalopigado is the beach in Attica that you will love from the first moment. External photography source: Google Maps