Everything you need for a leisurely walk and tranquility

Attica is filled with beauties and the sure thing is, that anywhere you can find your own retreat place you will be able to enjoy your walk in places that are not crowded. Locations and places that you can organize picnics with your friends without bothering and bothered by anyone.

Beaches of Eastern Attica

Get in the car and start your walk in eastern Attica and its beautiful places in Marathona, Nea Makri and Rafina. Make a stop at the first beach that will <pique> your interest. Besides, there are so many that I’m sure in most of them you won’t meet anyone. So you can comfortably organize your own picnic there.

Lay your things in the sand and enjoy a calm morning with the sea breeze and tranquility. For children, in fact, this is the ideal ride. They will be thrilled playing in the sand or running on an empty beach.

Lake Belleci, Parnitha

Half an hour away from the center of Athens there is a small paradise that excites young and old. One of the places in Attica that are ideal for a walk. On the eastern side of Parnitha and at an altitude of 600 meters there is a lake that was created… by accident, its between the dense pine forest, oaks and plane trees,. The reason for Lake Belleci in the Hippocratic State created in the 1970s by… a construction error.

Four classic places in Attica for a quiet walk

Specifically, it was created when, as the infrastructure of the area was being built, the pits of the torrent were closed with mounds of dirt. The lake, today,is an aquatic oasis of the area, where many migratory birds find refuge, while in its waters often meets swans and ducks.


Four classic places in Attica for a quiet walk1

An idyllic place located about 70 km away from Athens. Sounio is always a good idea for a relaxed and calm walk. You can make a stop at the sanctuary of Poseidon which is one of the most important sights and archaeological sites of Attica. The coastal route to Sounio is one of the most beautiful. In the area there are many small beaches, in which especially in spring you will not find a single person there, and you can relax for a while with the sea breeze.

Penteli Waterfall

Four classic places in Attica for a quiet walk2

Penteli is the constant value for a walk in Attica. However there is also a place less known and more quiet. The waterfall of Penteli – or Valanari waterfall – is not known to too many people and is a small secret of the area. It is a small paradise where you can picnic and enjoy nature. This small waterfall, about 5-6 meters high, changes shape depending on the rains. When the waters become scarce, two twin waterfalls are created. On the contrary, when it rains a lot, the stream turns into a strong torrent. It is located in the area of Drafi, south of Penteli, a few meters below Achaeon Avenue.