Red Beach

An incredible volcanic landscape makes you believe you are on Mars!

The Red Beach is an incredible landscape that will not be forgotten, just a few steps away from the Akrotiri archaeological site. It is easily accessible by car, while there is a parking available to leave your car. Additionally, you can go to this beach with local transport. You can reach there also by boat from Akrotiri.

The Red Beach is the world’s most popular beach. This beach of Santorini is one of the rare volcanic landscapes of the island that changes year by year as it is formed by air, water or erosion.  In combination with its crystal, clear, deep blue waters and its soft red sand, surrounded by high, bright, red rocks makes you believe you are on Mars!

Keep in mind that in the wider area you can find amazing opportunities for your accommodation with many villas to rent.

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Vlychada Beach

A lunar landscape with exotic atmosphere!

Vlychada beach in Santorini offers visitors a lunar landscape, excellent volcanic rocks and an exotic atmosphere. Ιt is located on the south coast of Santorini and it’s one of the longest beaches along the island. It is also, easily accessible by car or by local transport.

This atmospheric landscape consists of fine black sand and white sandy rocks. The effects of the winds, salt and waves over the years have created distinctive and special shapes on the rocks. Its calm and shallow waters makes Vlychada very famous to visitors. For those who want calm and relaxing holidays, this place is ideal.

In the area there are many options for your accommodation, such as luxurious villas or rooms to let.

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