A ride with a donkey, the mascot of island

The donkey ride will be an unforgettable moment to you!

Do you plan to visit Santorini and enjoy some traditional activities of the island? The donkeys are the mascots of Santorini and with this way you will a taste of the past.

So you can get from the Old Port of Santorini to the main town of Fira on the volcanic edge, by donkey up the steep zig-zag path. The donkey ride will be an unforgettable moment to you!

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Volcano Boat Tour, live the myth of Santorini

A boat tour will offer you unforgettable moments

If you visit Santorini don’t miss the chance to enjoy an unforgettable Santorini volcano boat tour.

Sailing on a boat you can admire from a different way the view of Oia, Fira or Imerovigli, also the active volcano from up close and swim in the hot springs or make a romantic sunset cruise. Moreover, on your return you will sail to a point off Oia to see the gorgeous legendary Santorini sunset.

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Winery tour, a walk in the secret of Santorini nectar.

Will you taste the famous worldwide wines of Santorini?

Santorini’s unique soil make its wine so tasty and famous worldwide.

During your stay in the magnificent Santorini, do not miss the chance to visit and explore the beautiful vineyards and wineries of the island, see the way of aging the wines and taste the unique white whines of Santorini, as well as the well-known Vinsanto, the dessert sweet wine.

Moreover, you will learn about traditional and modern winemaking techniques while tasting famous white wines

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Scuba Diving, explore the bottom and find the Atlantis

Diving is an adventurous way to discover the bottom of Santorinis’ baisin

Santorini, being an exceptionally rocky island, offers plenty of scope for scuba diving in its clear warm waters. Several international diving clubs rank Santorini as one of their favourite Greek island for scuba diving.

Diving is done from diving-boats that crisscross the Caldera basin. With scuba diving you will have also the chance to admire the bottom of the basin.

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Sea Kayaking, enjoy and admire the view

Discover the hidden beauties of the Santorini with a kayak

An island like Santorini has plenty of scope for water sports, such as kayaking, which can take you to places that you can’t reach by foot or on an ordinary boat and explore the hidden beauties of the island.

For sea kayaking you can rent kayaks by the hour or the day from water sports centers on both sides and live the experience! And who knows? You may even discover new places that no-one until now knew about.

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