Just a stone’s throw from Athens, you’ll think you’re on an exotic island

Agistri is one of the ideal destinations if you want to escape From Athens and find yourself in a place with beautiful beaches that look like exotic islands. When you go to Agistri, you’ll confidently pick out those two blue-green beaches that the waters will make you think you’re on beaches in Cuba.’. It’s about the beach Skala and the beach aponisos

The impressive blue-green beaches in Agistri

The two beaches in Agistri, Skala and Aponissos It’s one of five that catches the eye. Their characteristic is the color of their waters and their purity. One beach is located north of the island while the other is located on a small island that is joined by Agistri with a bridge. Whichever you go to – or both – you’re sure to have a good time and feel like you’ve gone a long way from

Athens. However, you will still be in Attica. The islands of The Argosaronic are something else!

Anonissos Beach

If you thought that in just an hour from Athens you will not find any beach that fascinates you… You’ll be disproved! Aponissos is waiting for you in its magical landscape for incredible summer moments, And it’ll make you think you’re in the Caribbean.

All you need to do is take the boat from Piraeus and in about an hour… You’ve reached this heavenly place. Where exactly is The Beach of Anonissos? In the homonymous Island. Aponissos is essentially a private island, located on the southwest coast of Agistri and a few kilometers from the port of Skala. Every visitor can access it through a small bridge that connects it with Agistri.

The beach is small about 150 meters long and of a width of 5 meters, and its coast is essentially occupied by flat rocks. Its magical turquoise waters will impress you and you will feel the feeling that you are in a natural swimming pool. To swim in the crystal clear waters there is a special ramp that will make it easier for you.

The verdant landscape that surrounds it, with the pine trees touching the waves, completes the exotic image of the area that is worth enjoying this summer.

Skala Beach

The two blue-green beaches in Agistri that you have to swim

On the northeast coast of the island is the large sandy beach of Skala, with golden sand and crystal clear shallow waters.

The Skala beach it has very beautiful and fluffy sand with shallow waters and the easiest to access as it is located next to the port that ships from Piraeus and Aegina sail. It is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and shops and ideal for families with small children. The place is idyllic and most likely you did not imagine that something like this exists in the islands of Argosaronikos. Agistri guarantees to leave you with your mouth open on your next trip there.

External photography source: athensattica.com