A weekend in Agistri can make you escape from everyday life and enjoy the most relaxed and beautiful moments of your month. It got everything you need to clear your mind. And most importantly? It is a stone’s throw from Athens. Something that definitely stands out is the turquoise waters on its beaches. The one we singled out this time in Agistri it’s Dragonera Beach. A small paradise belonging to Attica.

Dragonera, an exotic beach in Agistri

Dragonera is a beach in the west of the island with pebbles and very clear waters. Actually, we’re talking about Little and the Big Dragonera. What will rivet you from the first moment are the turquoise waters and trees that look like or often touch the sea. There you will enjoy the shallow and clear waters and the coolness of the pine trees that make up a dreamy setting.

A scene you will encounter, of course, in many places in Agistri. Because it is an island that its main characteristic is the exotic turquoise waters and its green slopes. Wherever you are, you’ll definitely enjoy your swim.



Dragonera is an organized beach where you can find from sunbeds and umbrellas to canteens and infrastructure to do the water sports you like. However, there is plenty of room to put your own strawmut and umbrella and enjoy the sun and the sea. If you choose this beach your reward will be its beauty and its coolness. And especially with its clear waters. It’s no coincidence that all ages choose that beach. Couples, groups and families. Each for his own reasons and all for her beauty.

How to get to Dragonera Beach

Dragonera is located on the west side of Agistri Island. You can see exactly where it is and haw to get there by clicking Here. You’ll basically track it down after Megalohori and you’ve crossed a magical route. Where the blue of the sea joined in a magical way with the green from the verdant slopes. The certain think is that you will make several stops to take pictures of the beautiful landscape.

Dragonera: The exotic beach in Agistri

Photo Source: Google Maps

Apart from Dragonera, the two other beaches that we have distinguished are Skala Beach and Aponissos Beach. You must think you’re swimming in Cuba. Such is the exotic beauty of the place.

You can read more information about these two beaches by clicking Here.

What’s certain is that if you go once, Agistri will become your favorite hangout place for the summer! The perfect destination for a weekend. So close to Athens and not getting tired of the route and so exotic, as if you’ve left for some remote island.

External photography source: Google Maps