An almost private beach where you can swim on your own

Apart from the large and famous beaches of Attica, there are also sandy beaches that you have probably never visited and you do not know their existence. And yet there you can take one of the nicest swimming of the summer away from the crowds and the babble. Something similar happens with a beach just an hour away from Athens which even has river sand. Its Vamvakies.

Be sure that the experience is something completely different there. All you need to do is organize your swimming there and take the all necessary equipment with you.

Vambakies , the beach next to Athens with the river sand

Vamvakies beach is close to Alepohori and has clear and calm waters mainly in the morning hours. In the afternoon probably you will feel a breeze not particularly annoying since it does not have that kind of sand that will come to your eyes. It is generally a quiet beach that is suitable if you want to isolate yourself and swim even on your own. It is ideal for those who want to have some private swimming.

Vamvakies beach has pebbles inside and out but in the depth, there is something special that you do not easily find. This beach has river sand at its depth. If you get some of it in your hands, you’ll know the difference.

How to get to Vamvakies

Vamvakies is a beach located in the area between Schino and Alepohori. There is a number of beaches with sand, pebbles, or even on the rocks. Essentially the dirt road that starts from Schinos and ends in Vamvakies is an incredible route through the forest, just above the sea. There, at some point on this route, you can leave your car on the road and walk to the sea. On this route, you will find the path that leads you to your own private beach, in Vamvakies.

The beach with the river sand an hour away from Athens

Photo Source: Google Maps This beach is in the area of Keratea in Attica and it is the best getaway without any exaggeration.

See HERE exactly where this beach is located.

You will most likely go back there when you want something less cosmopolitan but close to Athens. One of the unknown beaches of Attica that will win you over.

Tip: Don’t forget that it is not an organized beach so you have to have all the necessities with you.

External photography source: Google Maps