Batsi Town

Batsi: A beautiful fishing village famous to visitors from worldwide

Batsi, the small fishing village and the main resort Andros lies 7km southeast of Gavrio port on the overbuilt shores of a bay with a beautiful sandy beach. This wonderful village has kept its traditional and picturesque charm offering to visitors spectacular views.

Near Batsi you will find nice, lovely and quiet beaches, such as Chrissi Ammos. As a famous destination for guests, Batsi offers restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs or traditional taverns, which can entertain you all day long and throughout the night during the summer.

In amazing Batsi you can find a lot of hotels and rooms to let ideal for your accommodation with all the usual amenities.

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Korthi Town

Korthi beach: An ideal destination for the lovers of windsurfing and hiking

Korthi is a beautiful village overlooking a wide sandy shore with a small port. It is easily accessible by car or by local transport, which connects by bus to Chora, Batsi and Gavrio.

You can walk around its stone-paved main shopping street and enjoy your meal at the local restaurants and taverns. For those who love the nightlife can enjoy their drink at the bars and clubs of Korthi.

On both sides of Korthi bay, the beaches are perfect for swimming with clear waters. Keep in mind that Korthi beach is ideal for the lovers of windsurfing and hiking.

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Menites Village

Menites: A gorgeous village that makes you believe you are in paradise

Menites is beautiful village only 6 km away from Chora and was built on Mount Petalos 2km above Silavo. Its green landscape, makes you believe that you are in paradise! Menites is famous for its characteristic marble fountain, with spring water sparkling with six lion mists.

This gorgeous village is an ideal place for hiking and exploration to the main attractions of the island, such as Paleopolis with its archaeological site and the village of Lamyra with its noble mansions.

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Gavrio Port

Gavrio: The starting point for excursions in search of beautiful beaches and picturesque villages

Gavrio port is Andros’ main port connecting the island to Rafina located on the west coast of the island.

It was a fishing village a few years ago, but today attracts a lot of tourists every year. Also, it offers all necessary amenities for visitors combined with tradition and history.

Gavrio can be the starting point for excursions towards the north of the island in search of beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque villages.

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