Foros Cave in Aladino

The amazing underground show of Cave Foros

The Foros Cave is located in the village of Aladinou 4 km from Andros Chora. The cave of Foros with an area of about 500 sq. M. was originally excavated in 1937.

It is one of the first caves discovered in Greece. In 1982, under the direction of the Hellenic Speleological Society, it was fully mapped.

The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy an underground show, colorful stalactites and stalagmites create an impressive atmosphere.

Life has entered the Cave of the Force by developing unique scenes that surprise the visitor. All of the above classify the Cave of Foros in one of the most important sights of Andros.

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Horse Back Riding in Andros

Discover Andros beauties and participate to local activities on a horse

Another activity that a visitor can take part in Andros, which can be unforgettable, is the horse riding in which you can admire some beauties of the island.

Υou can ride a horse and with your company you can enjoy enchanting landscapes, unforgettable paths in alleyways, and visit on your horse some monasteries. You will also have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset, and take a ride to some beaches around the village of Vourkoti.

Finally you can take a ride to many monasteries and villages of the island, which you can take part to the activities made by locals and feel like a local for a while.

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Hiking in Andros

Andros an island made for hiking with excellent trails

Exploring the excellent hiking trails offers rich experiences to the walker. Andros has an impressive network of hiking routes that are over 300 km long.

The network is spread all over the island and connects old settlements with rural land, places of worship, ravines, valleys, harbors and beaches. Approximately 160 km are fully marked with European specifications.

In 2015, the “Andros Route” hiking trail, a 100km long route, received from the European Hiking Confederation the “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” quality certification, ranking Andros among the top European hiking destinations.

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