A breath away from Athens, ideal destination for a one-day excursion

Arriving at the former Royal estates in Tatoi you come up against the other side of Attica. That of nature and tranquility. On the 47,000 acres that span the historic estates, you can spend a carefree day alone, with friends or family.

The walk to Tatoi looks like a time travel trip. In the history of modern Greece. There, governments such as Eleftherios Venizelos and Georgios Papandreou were sworn in.

The estate is essentially divided into three autonomous and self-contained units. The first is the Palace, the second is the Administrative and finally the Village or else the Geo-farming unit. You can easily understand that by walking the vast expanse. In the first section, for example, belongs the Royal Mansion. At the Palace, you meet them all ,after walking for about 15 minutes from the main entrance of Lefka. In this first section you will also see the galleys, barracks, the home of the Master Gardener and the staff building.

Walking further, you’ll reach the second, the Administrative Unit. There’s the old Directory, the Forest Service and the Gendarmerie Station. Of particular interest is the third section, The Geo-Farming, i.e. the Village. There is the complex building complex that operated so that nothing is missing in the royal family. So there you will see the bushes, the pigsty, the winery and the butterhouse. It is, in fact, the oldest surviving butterhouse in Greece.

The Royal estates in Tatoi are also the joy of the cyclist. Motor vehicles are not permitted in this large area. After you take your walk, you can rest in the Katsimides position. That’s where families get used to picnics or sit in the gazebos. It has unlimited space, for ball playing for children.

How are you going to get there?

The Royal Estates are located just 25 km away from the center of Athens. The route to Tatoi is simple and quick. Starting from the city center, you enter the National Road of Athens – Lamia. At the intersection of Varibobi you pass over the bridge and then turn left. From there, you follow the signs. Within about 15 minutes you will reach the top entrance of the estates.

Important: The Royal Tatoiu Estates are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Plan to have coffee or another drink with you because once you get in, the only chance of finding something to drink is some itinerant salesman.

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