Mountain and seaside. More or less known. It is the Greek villages that greek and foreign visitors love when they go on holiday. They stand out for their wildlife, their beautiful beaches, the hospitable residents and the traditional recipes you can taste there. By exploring Greece, you can discover them and make your own list of favorite destinations. Depending on the time of year, choose which village you want to go to and get to know it better. Another for more and another for fewer days.

CNN: These are 17 most beautiful Greek villages

And while you may know mainly the villages of the islands, Greece has innumerable mountain or lowland villages worth visiting. For example, the CNN Travel had previously selected 17 different destinations and specific villages and created its own list. A list that may have been based quite a bit on the islands but also with choices from mainland Greece. Scenic as well as tourist locations. Traditional but also pretentious atmosphere. Either way, we’re talking about the Greek hinterland in its beauty. Where you find yourself, you’ll surely be filled with different experiences and images.

The CNN list has everything and invites you to get to know them in person (if for someone you haven’t done it yet). According to the authors of the list, these are the most beautiful villages in Greece that you can’t help but see your life once.. Besides, you’re already very lucky to live in Greece and have the chance to have them so close to you. Make your own list and put in a plan to visit one at the first opportunity. You will soon see that you will be erasing from your list the places you have known and have turned into experiences.

CNN’s list of the most beautiful Greek villages

1. Stemnitsa – Arcadia

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2. Agios Georgios Neilias – Pelion
3. Arnaia – Halkidiki
4. Up Syros – Syros
5. Pyrgi – Chios

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6. Oia – Santorini
7. Litochoro – Pieria
8. Lindos – Rhodes
9. Chora – Folegandros
10. Assos – Kefalonia
11. Aearanthos – Naxos
12. Papigo – Pindos

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13. Kalarrites – Ioannina
14. Gythio – Laconia
15. State – Zakynthos
16. Castle – Sifnos
17. Archanes – Crete