A little treasure waiting for you to discover it.

The parks of Attica give daily breath of oxygen to the millions of inhabitants of the capital. Others better known and others less, host young and old, offering the beauties of nature within the city. One of them is the Syngrou Estate otherwise known as Syngrou Grove.

The Syngrou Estate and its history

Extended in an area of 950 acres is located on the border of the Municipalities of Kifissia, Amarousi and Melisia. The main entrance can be found on Kifisias Avenue, at the height of the KAT hospital.

Syngrou Estate is a bequest to the old Agricultural Society of Athens by Iphigenia Mavrokordatos – Syngrou, wife of Andreas Syngros. the characteristic is that in her will she had the express desire to exploit the Estate in order to contribute to the “education of good farmers and gardeners”.

In 1988, the management of the Grove was passed to the Institute of Agricultural Sciences. Essentially this is a transformation of the Agricultural Society of Athens.

The Grove <alsos> today

For the most part, about 700 acres, the Syngros Estate, is covered by the Syngros Forest. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parks in Attica and at the same time one of the last natural forests. It has rich flora, which one perceives as soon as it passes its doors. Pine and cypress trees dominate, but you can take your walk by breathing the oxygen that dozens other species of plants and trees offer you.

Approximately 200 acres of the Estate are designed for agricultural use. Also there are the premises of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, the National School of Anavryta.

Syngrou Estate is open to every citizen and offers exactly what someone who lives in Athens needs. Nature and oxygen. Walking in the Forest will surprise you pleasantly while you can ride undisturbed your bike. There are also sports facilities in the Grove.

What to see

Tip 1: Don’t forget to visit the church of St. Andrew. There’s something really special about it. It is the only Orthodox Gothic-style temple in Greece! So it’s worth a visit.

Tip 2: In Syngros Estate there is also a Beekeeping Museum. It is the only museum in Greece that hosts such rare hives from all over the country.

Photo Source: Friends of syngros Forest