Destination for walking, hiking and cycling

You want to get away from the bustling everyday life, but you can’t go anywhere far. there’s Immitos next to you. It is one of the mountains next door to Attica suitable for one-day excursions and relaxing moments in nature.

Hiking trails and routes

If you love walking and hiking then immitos offers you many routes to enjoy nature but also to test your strength. Walking the dirt paths and you will discover in your way century-old monasteries and places with impressive views. One of the most popular routes is the path number 5 that crosses vertically almost the entire mountain, starting from the entrance of the Aesthetic Forest of Caesariani and climbing up to the springs of Kalopoula, before continuing towards the tower of Anthousa and ending up in Paiania after two and a half hours of walking. The view of athens and the Saronic gulf from many points of the path is spectacular. You can also organize a picnic excursion that will delight the children as well as bike paths on beautiful dirt roads.

Immitos and the sights

If you have been to Immitos several times you have definitely visited the Monastery of Caesariani and the Monastery of Asterios. Both have very interesting architecture. If you want to take a slightly harder route, then there is the option. This route starts again from the refreshment room of Kalopoula, and ends at the Byzantine Tower of Anthousa, passing through a fragrant pine forest. This is still one of the well-known attractions.

Tip: Don’t forget to stop for coffee and snacking at the picturesque municipal refreshment shop of Caesariani under the name Kalopoula. You will enjoy drinks and snacks of the season in a country setting in Attica.

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