Walking around Old Port of Chania

Chania is Crete’s second biggest town after Heraklion and is situated on the west part of the island. While my visit in Chania, I walked around in the old part of town to discover and explore this wonderful and magical part of the island.

Behind the port there are narrow streets perfect for walking and shopping. There you can find a lot of places to taste the traditional Crete cuisine, with all these amazing cretan foods and goodies.

Crete has a long history, so I decided to discover the history of the place by exploring the Maritime Museum of Chania which was near by a few kilometers away of the monastery of Holy Trinity.

Click the link below to discover together the stunning town of Chania: https://www.mygreece.tv/crete-walking-around-chania-old-port/

Discover and explore Heraklion town

Heraklion, as well as Chania, has a great history and although its physiognomy has changed from past interventions of the past, there are places reminding of something of the beautiful Grand Castle of the Mediterranean.

The town of Heraklion is the main port, and the chief city of Crete, with influences by the venetians. Also, the town of Fodele, the home town of El Greco, is one of the top things you should visit when in Heraklion.

The accommodation here has a lot of choices, from luxury villas and hotels to rooms to let for all badgets.

Let’s explore the town of Heraklion together by clicking the following video: https://www.mygreece.tv/crete-sightseeing-heraklion/

Walking around Rethymnon old port and town

During my trip in Crete I decided to visit the the wonderful old port and town of Rethymnon.

Rethymnon is one of the most piscturesque and best-preserved towns of the Renaissance. The old port lying in the heart of modern Rethymnon and combines the oriental features of the Turkish period with Renaissance-style Venetian architecture. At the old port of Rethymno, you see and admire the 17th century old Venetian Castle named “Fortezza”.

The old port offers to visitors a lot of shops to buy some souvenirs or everything you want. Moreover, you can enjoy the Cretan traditional cuisine at the local restaurants and taverns or enjoy your drink at the several cafes and bars that the town offers.

Keep in mind that in Rethymnon there are a lot of choices for your accommodation.

At the following video you can find some useful information about my visit to Rethymnon old port: https://www.mygreece.tv/crete-walking-at-rethymno-old-port/