When Alkistis Protopsalti, a famous greek singer, a few years back, sang “Come on, let’s go to Rafina and drown in retsina…“, one of the most important cities of East Attica . Everyone had in mind a holiday resort that wont to visit on your holidays for the food the taverns or for the ferries from its port that leads you to half of the Aegean islands . Rafina is not only that but even more as it is an ideal destination for a summer walk from morning to evening.

Summer walk in Rafina

The first and most important is that Rafina is one of the closest destinations in Attica starting from the center of Athens. In just 28 km you will find a place where you can have a good time from morning to evening in different ways. You will first see the beach of Rafina, a permanent attraction of tourists and residents. They choose it firmly in the summer time for their cool dips.

Life here starts early in the morning with all kinds of shops that expoxe the… morning catch. It is the stuff that has just arrived and spread on the benches to the delight of passers-by. Mostly, though, the would-be gourmets for the the daily fish eating table.

A stop in the shops of the square for your morning coffee, with peace and quiet An ideal stop before climbing to the emblem and trademark of Rafina, the picturesque church of Agios Nikolas. It is located there between two blues, the sea and the sky.

Rafina and her story

Photo Source: Hansueli Kkopf

In an old house with tiled roof, blue shutters and a mugnificent garden with aromatic flowers, you can visit the Folklore Museum of the Association of Triglians – Small Rafina. Inside this house is the modern history of the city formerly called Nea Triglia as residents of Triglia from Asia Minor had settled there. When the persecution took place, many of them were transferred to Greece by the ships of their saviour Triglian shipowner Filippos Kavounidis. Many of the Triglians settled in Rafina in 1923.

A tour of the interior of the Museum, connects you with the past lost in those years in the tragic persecution, with the modern history of installation in a place where the spatial similarities were cause to create a triglian nayborhood in this particular area.

The beaches of Rafina
Rafina and its history may be very important, but its beaches are… another story. You’ll find small or large beaches, depending on where you want to take your dives.

With confidence we distinguishing the Marikes, which used to be a secret only of the inhabitants of the area. An oasis of nature and history, full of sand dunes, coastal and hanging rocks.

Rafina: Summer walk at the Aegean Gate2

From there starts other paths that lead to different hidden beaches. This places allow you to enjoy and relax the summer landscapes and areas so close to the capital. and not have to board on a ship for a destination away from it.

Your walk is worth finishing by eating corn on the coastal road and gazing at the sea and the sunset.