Attica’s hidden beauties

The long beaches in Attica are pretty much known to everyone. During the summer months, they are filled with people and offer breaths of coolness to those who have not left the capital. But there are also some lesser-known ones that are small diamonds. One of them is located near Athens Lavrio and has an unusual name. It’s called Chiu beach.

Chiu beach: A small paradise 45 minutes from Athens

The small beach with the strange name Chiu beach has really amazing, crystal clear waters and a relatively narrow strip of sand, between the water and the all-white rocks. Access to the beach is not difficult but you should know that it takes a little walking on the trail. The only sure thing is certain is that the result will reward you plenty.

Chiu beach is mainly for those who do not want crowds when they go to the sea. It is a beach like several others – small diamonds that you can spot moving on the beach road in Attica. There you will find with a little patience and a good mood, small beaches with sand and crystal clear waters, few people, and tranquility. You might succeed, if you’re lucky, it’s just you, the water, and the sun.

As for the name of this particular beach, it is not known who and why he inspired it. Although you’ll already understand, the coast isn’t organized, so if you find yourself there in the summer, you’ll have to be prepared beforehand.


How are you going to get there and what else are you going to see nearby?

The beach is located at the end of the Posidonia peninsula. At the end of Sounio road, is where Lavrio begins you have to follow the sign “Akrotiri”. If you find a dead end, it means you did everything right. Park and follow the paths. In just five minutes, you’ll be on the beach.

One reference point worth seeing on the way to Tsiou beach is the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. It is also very very close.

Lavrio, the well-searched nearby destination

The port of Lavrio is an unknown destination for many but is beloved by the initiated ones. The most well-searched people know why it is a secret when you want to find something different in Attica. Lavrio is ideal for a relaxed summer Sunday just a stone’s throw from Athens. An ideal destination for an entire weekend with children or without children.

Everything that you want around a friendly square. Of course, the sociability of the inhabitants is not accidental. The port and contact with hundreds of tourists every year has an obvious effect on their sociability. when you need anything the locals will help you.

Tip for the visitors of Lavrio: If you like fresh fish and find yourself in Lavrio then we advise you to carry a small fridge with you in the car. You may have to come home with fresh shopping.