As much as we think we know about Attica, something new will always surprise us and prove to us that there is plenty of places to explore. Hidden small beaches that you haven’t discovered yet. One of them is an uninhabited but beautiful island of Attica, the Moni. If you’ve been to Aegina, you probably, of course, have met or visited. A green place with clean beaches and a landscape that takes your breath away It belongs, of course, to the islands of The Argosaronic that stand out for their special charm.

Moni, the island – dream of Attica

We had been to Aegina many times but not to the Monastery. To be honest, at some point, we didn’t even know its existence. Until a local urged us to go cross the island from Perdika to enjoy this beautiful place on our holidays. And so we found ourselves in the Moni. A beautiful and picturesque place , a dot on the map.

The island is, of course, uninhabited and as its name attests is dedicated to a monastery. It is worth spending all day there bathing in the sun and enjoying the sunset. We did it, and we didn’t regret it for a moment. You’re full of so many colors and images that your heart can’t forget that place.

I’m sure you’ll be back. Although it is an organized beach is very quiet. Walking a few meters you can reach the back side of the road that has more rocks. If you like reading, you can sit under a tree and enjoy it.

Photo Source: Ggia

How to get to the Moni

You can go by boat and even take dives around he island wherever you want. Even if you don’t board a boat, the access to it is very easy. All you need to do is to get to the Partridge of Aegina. You’re board one of the local boats and you’ll be there in ten minutes. In the summer you won’t have to wait at all for the local boats ,they keep coming and going. The cost of the ticket is only five euros and you will definitely enjoy it.

The boat will take from Perdika will leave you on the central and sandy beach of the Moni which is even organized.