A unique wetland next to you

You imagined that a breath away from Athens might be a destination where you would encounter unique images, even flamingos. Yes, there is. Just 50 km outside Athens there is a unique place where nature shows its best face. The reason for the lagoon of Oropos, a paradise in Attica.

The place in Attica where you’ll even see flamingos

In the lagoon of Oropos one can meet flamingos, falcons, herons and other rare species of birds. You reach the port of Oropos and from there you walk a little more. After passing some newly built houses, you will find yourself in front of one of the most important wetlands of Attica.

The reason is an area of 650 acres, a paradise that hosts more than 140 species of birds, permanent or migratory. Chestnut-headed seagulls, ashtrays, silver-headed, copper-headed, avocades and hooligans they find refuge in the area. Words that may be unknown to many, but these rare birds are there, and visitors can see them without much difficulty.

Within one or two hours at most an observer can see 50 to 60 different bird species nearby, on any day of the year. If he’s lucky, he can see the extremely rare crane, since it only passes and stops for a few days of the year. Especially in spring the area welcomes flocks of different species of birds such as kalamokanades – with a height of 40cm – and glaroons. In the area the visitor can also see a particularly rare flower, the colchicum soboliferum.

The lagoon is shallow and is separated from the South Evoikos by a narrow strip of sand. In the past the lagoon of Oropos was one with the estuary of Asopos river that is located 2 km further north. But houses were built and the two habitats were separated. The lagoon is surrounded by a saltwater, that in the old days the inhabitants used as a natural salt lake.

The destination in Attica that you can even see flamingos The pictures are impressive and worth being there for a one-day excursion…

The beaches in Oropos

After passing through the lagoon you can continue swimming in the sea and specifically on the beaches of Oropos. Oropos has a long coastline that starts from Kalamos and ends at Chalkucci. The waters are clear and along the coastline you can find the beach that will pique your interest. The beach of kalamos is one of the best choices you can make. What is certain is that you will have a pleasant day with many new experiences.