From the mountains to the lake and the sea

There are places in attika where you go and go again. Favorite destinations especially on Sundays. Because Sundays are the days when you want to rest, see friends, and have fun. Go to favorite places, and in the evening come back ready to start the new week that begins. In we gathered five very classic but also very favorite Sunday walks in Attica.

Get ready for your next outing…

Tatoi Estate for families and groups

A breath from the center of Athens awaits you in, Tatoi Estate. The classic of the classic one-day excursions, has it all: Nice walks or bike rides, explorations for lovers of history, nature and of course easy access. In the 47,000 acres that span the historic estates you will spend a beautiful Sunday with friends or family. You can walk around watching the various buildings that used to have life. Or sit back and relax in one of the dozens of open areas the estate has. If it’s good weather, you can have a comfortable picnic. If you still want to be served, in Parnitha you will find dozens of good food options and especially good meat.

All-weather lavrio

A friendly square, fresh fish, a well searched destination for all seasons of the year. Even in winter. Lavrio is an ideal destination for an excursion through Attica that many choose steadily. The area stands out for its neoclassical buildings but you quickly realize that it is a genuine mining area. Ideal stop for coffee is Lavrio Square. Big, clean and well-groomed. Access from Athens is easy and quick. When you find it, you get <stuck> and you visit it all the time.

Penteli, the mountain next door in Attica

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The Sunday stroll in Penteli is an all time classic choice. You’ll take your walks, explore the trails, hang out on a bench to see the view. And then you’ll end up in the squares of Nea or Old Penteli for coffee and food. Penteli is very close even from the center of Athens since you need about half an hour to get there. If you combine your excursion with a walk to the Observatory then it is not just a one-day trip to Attica but a new special experience.

Sunday at Marathon Lake

Put on your sneakers or even take your bike. You will spend a classically beautiful Sunday following the paths on the shores of the lake to enjoy its grandeur from the perspective that few people have in mind. The Sunday walk in Marathon for the most, is combined with coffee in the rightly famous, Fragma. If you see it sunny and at noon, then the view of the still waters of the lake from its <amphitheatrical views> it is a delight. Having many options and good food, it’s hard to leave Marathon before the sun goes <down>. And you’re not wrong.

Parnitha the famous in Attica

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There are many who would confidently use the word Sunday next to the word Parnitha. This unique fir forest of Attica is one of the best reasons to spend there the last or the first day of the week. Hiking enthusiasts love Parnitha and its routes. That is why the two shelters it has (Buffy and Flambouri) are so famous. If you still like something more relaxed Finally, the cable car ride will give you a nice experience. On the plus side of Parnitha is that it is an ideal destination for all seasons of the year. For couples, friends or families. For everyone has a different experience to offer.

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