When you arrange a swim in a beach Attica, the first thing you think is that you don’t want to delay,but you just need to relax without wasting a lot of time and money. So what you need for starters are beaches with easy access to Attica . Comfortable parking is one of the options you would like to have at your disposal so that you do not get tired when you get there.

With these criteria in mind mygreece.tv we recommend beaches that you will arrive easily, and will not find it difficult to find a place for your car.

Porto Nine Beach

A beach that’s almost next to your house and you get there very easily. The reason is Porto Nine beach. You will need to go all the way to Keratea to enjoy crystal clear waters and golden sand. Within a sort time, and especially when there’s no traffic, the road will gets you there before you even know it. Parking on this beach is just to easy. It is not an organized sandy beach so it is good to have with you all the necessities to enjoy the clear waters and the bright sun carefree. It is one of the beaches with easy access to Attica and close to Athens that can become a hangout for you…

See exactly where the beach is HERE.

Kineta Beach

Beaches with easy access and comfortable parking in Attica4

You’ll need to do about 60 kilometers to get to the beach of Kineta but not much time for searching to find it. That’s because the beach of Kineta is just below the national Highway. There you will see a 6 km huge beach , one of the largest in the Saronic. You’ll park your car easily and get ready for diving in clear waters. The beach has white pebbles and not cold waters , which means it is ideal for families with small children.

See how to get to the beach of Kineta by clicking HERE.

Agios Kosmas Beach

Photo Source: Google Maps

Looks like an organized beach, but it’s not. However, that’s why you’ll get there easily and quickly and park at your comfort. In fact, you can go either with your vehicle or even take the tram if you don’t want to take or have your own car. In fact the beach of Agios Kosmas is so popular that you will find it right after the sports facilities, on the footbridge of the former western airport. If you take your car, however, you are most likely to find parking adjacent within minutes. You will enjoy the sun and the sea a breath away from home. See exactly where the beach is HERE.

Schinia Beach

Beaches with easy access and comfortable parking in Attica3

Photo Source: Google Maps

The trademark spot for a swim in Attica. Most likely, you’ve been not once, but many times on this beach. The main thing is that access there is easy and simple. The pine forest offers in various places shade for the visitors and you can enjoy your dives and natural shade all day long. There are plenty of umbrellas and a sunbeds but we are sure that the shade of the trees will win you as soon as you arrive. To find access instructions for Schinia beach in Marathon HERE.

photo source: Google Maps