The unknown coast 50 minutes from Athens

Apart from the well-known beaches of Attica, there are also the smallest and not so well known, which can offer you a relaxed experience of swim and rest. Such a beach is only 50 minutes from Athens and is the beach of Panagia Giatrissa. It is a sandy beach in eastern Attica which is as close as you want but you won’t find too many people no matter how many times you go. That’s because it’s not so well known to the general public.

It is therefore an opportunity to get to know it in person and enjoy a Sunday swim stayed in Attica. You’re not going to waste a lot of money or a lot of time.

Panagia giatrissa Beach: The unknown coast 50 minutes from Athens

Panagia Giatrissa beach is in the area of Artemida and owes its name to the homonymous area and church near it. It is a beach with sand and clear waters especially when the wind does not stir the sea.

on’t expect to find an organized beach , you’ll have to carry an umbrella with you, and everything you’ll need to spend a pleasant one-day trip there.

This beach next to Athens is ideal for those who do not love crowds and prefer something quieter. You can find the spot you want and sit for hours enjoying the sun and the sea. There you will enjoy clean sand and water and you will realize how many secret places Attica has and you probably you do not know them.

Panagia giatressa Beach: The unknown beach 50 minutes from Athens

How to go to Panagia giatrissa Beach

Access to the beach of Panagia Giatrissa is very easy and you can park just as easily in the area above it. It is a beach in the wider area of Artemida where there is also a sign that you will see on the street. Plus, if you want to be prepared, you can see here exactly where it is.

One think is certain you will not have difficulty finding it and you will also have a great time in the area. There are taverns and cafes to enjoy all the benefits from your trip..

The beach of Panagia Giatrissa is proof that the more you explore Attica, the more nice places you will find that are unknown to you. From beaches and coasts to paths and places to see at the Aegean Sea.

External photography source: Google Maps