Idyllic places to enjoy the starry sky

If you haven’t tried to sit until the sun goes down on your favorite beach then you don’t know what you’re missing. Especially if you haven’t enjoyed a starry night with the music of guitars, songs and beers and your favorite people around you. Next to Athens, there are such nice spread sandy beaches that you can sit late and enjoy the coolness of the sea. Even after the sun has gone down. Beaches near to Athens that will make you think you are on an island. A summer breath as an oasis in August.

We at recommend some ideal beaches for such occasions…


A great choice for you to enjoy the daylight and even the beautiful night by the sea. One of the most famous beaches of Attica for a nice summer evening. In the Pine Forest of Schinia, you will find places with less light to enjoy the moon, the stars, and to spend a great evening with your company. There’s plenty of space so there is no possibility that you will bother someone or even you to be bothered by someone.

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What’s certain is that you won’t be alone there. You will find other groups that enjoy the midnight breeze of the sea and have fun with guitars creating a great atmosphere. And because music is all around you should be enjoyed the music of each group which will be close to you In any case this beach looks like an open arena of entertainment with small groups that each has its own party.

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Eden Beach

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A beach we like more after sunset than before. It’s in a very central location in Paleo Faliro, but trust us, you will feel great there. You can be there from early afternoon until night. Besides, you’re in the city, and you are not far from your home.

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Votsalakia, Piraeus

A long and comfortable sandy beach that you can enjoy it all day long. Votsalakia beach is just one kilometer from the port of Piraeus and is a quite beautiful beach. If you’re from the southern suburbs and you haven’t enjoyed a night in the light of the stars, you should try it.

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