The history behind this beautiful part of Greece

Greece, with a rich maritime tradition, has many scattered lighthouses Years of stories, narratives, and various events accompany many of them. This is the case with one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Greece, which is located in Lefkada. It is the Lighthouse Doukato and its history has to do with various events as well as legends. Like one related to couples in love. Even if you’ve been to Lefkada on vacation, you’ve probably never heard of this story in this particular lighthouse before. The lighthouses of Greece are many and each with its own special story.

The lighthouse Doukato and the legend of lovers

So this lighthouse is the legend of the real events, centuries ago. This particular cape is one of the most famous rocks of antiquity. It is considered that it may be identified with the Homeric Lefka Petri, with white rocks 60 meters high above the waves of the Ionian sea. In fact, it is said that in 1,200 BC. sacrifices were made to appease the gods and the Spirit of the Storm

Somewhere, then, in the 6th century, there is also a legend that has a historical basis. It is said that at that time the tradition of lovers’ suicide by jumping was very widespread. In fact, many ancient poets mentioned it in verses. This is exactly what the great poet of antiquity, Sappho, mentioned, saying that from there it came out that she had suicided by jumping from Lefkata. The myth goes all the way to the present day and that’s why it’s called Kavos of the Lady. So the legend says that this place where this lighthouse was built later, it was the place where the lovers made a sacrifice and jumped for their love.

How to get to The Lighthouse Doukato

The lighthouse Doukato was built in 1890 with a tower height of 14 meters and a focal height of 70 meters. How can you get there? After passing Porto Katsiki the dirt road reaches the southernmost part of the island, Cape Lefkatas, or Niras, or Kavo of Kyra or Kavo Doukato. It has all these variations in its name. Whatever you call it, the locals will tell where it is.

It is located 50 km from the city of Lefkada and you will enjoy a unique view to Kefalonia and Ithaca. Lefkada is the easy island to escape in the sense that you can go there at any time without taking a boat.

Apart from the summer that attracts a lot of people not only from Greece but also from abroad, you can go both in autumn and spring. Each season you will enjoy different landscapes and other experiences.

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