Kythera at their best…

There are many villages in Greece that capture your heart from the first moment. The ones that leave their imprint on your heart and that you promise to yourself that you come back again at some point. The seaside villages of our country can certainly be compared many times even with exotic destinations abroad. The difference is that nowhere else will you find such a combination of tradition, hospitality, and gastronomy. And Diakofti in Kythera is such an example. Its beach, especially, is majestic.

Sit back, close your eyes, and just enjoy the daydreaming of colors and images that this exotic beach offers with its turquoise waters and blond sand. When you will visit it one thing you are going to feel Love!

yes, yes, don’t be surprised… You cannot reach the port of Kythera, the dreamy Diakofti and your heart, not to beet hard. Diakofti until 1980 had five – six houses all and all. From the time of the English Occupation, it was intended to become a safe harbor with residential development. Since 1995, when the modern port began to operate, the settlement has been constantly developing. Today it is one of the busiest parts of Kythera.

What you’ll see when you get to the island

Arriving by ferry, a lighthouse marks the spot where you will stop. It is no more than a small cove surrounded by an island, which connects the port with the beach with a concrete bridge. In it, there is a vast blue sea that is in complete stillness, almost always, offering the opportunity to the visitors to feel that they are on the beaches that usually the cinema discovers and the beauty of the places highlights both the space and the story of a film.

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Those places that we’re all fascinated when we see them in a film and we wonder where they really exist, while we imagine escape scenarios. And yet there is a similar beach, here in Greece, on the island of Kythera, in the dreamy Diakofti. He has nothing to envy from the most famous in cinema. These most prominent tour-operators or the most well-known because of the celebrities who have promoted the places with their presence there.

Diakofti is in itself a sight

As long as you decide to visit it, alone or with a company, it doesn’t matter and what’s certain is that it will just enchant you with its charms. Where do you start? From the turquoise, shallow waters, which change color when the sun casts or collects its rays? Or from his blonde sand and especially the wave that pops up on the doors of the houses located in the sand sea?

In contrast, intense is the residential development that has been created on the left side of the settlement, looking towards the port, where there are the most modern constructions of houses of permanent residents or the most advanced forms of hotel accommodation.


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Staying on the beach is the beginning of an enjoyable day…, sunbathing, sand games, whether children’s or older… children, sports children, relaxation, and enjoyment of refreshing coffee with the consumption of special ouzo (dry anise-flavored aperitif).

What you can see in Diakofti

For some who will want to tour the sights of Diakofti it is worth a hike to the port. There you will capture the half-submerged of the ship Nordland, a few miles off the beach on the island of Prasonisi. For some more adventurous and underwater sports enthusiasts, they are going to enjoy a full adventure.

If you’re still on the enchanting beach until late at night, you’ll enjoy a sight that leaves you dumb, especially when there’s a moon. The sea takes on a unique color with the reflection of light on its serene surface.

The time of farewell…

But if you set foot in your must-have to leave, you just stay there, pulling, until the deep dawn without anyone bothering you. Until you feel the sea breeze pass through your salt and sand-baked body and you are forced to say goodbye for a few hours to this unique beach. You will have the hope that as soon as the sun sets, the next morning you will run, wherever you live, to find the same spot again in the sand of Diakofti for the next day.

Such a need for a beach only Diakofti can offer you. Those who have ever dreamed of living for a while in the “Blue Lake” of the Seventh Art, all you have to do is arrive in Kythera in any way and pull straight to this beach to live the dream.

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