The acritic but historic corner of our country

Somewhere on the edgΙing of Greece, there is a frontier village that has something special. And it’s not just its natural beauty, it’s more than that. It is the village of art. It is a Greek village where more than 70 painters were born. And there may be very few inhabitants left, but it is one of the birthplaces of culture. It is Chionades, a village that belongs to the Municipality of Konitsa Ioannina.

The village of Chioniades is built at 1120 meters altitude in a beautiful location. The whole area is densely forested with oak and higher beech trees. It is about 40 km from Konitsa, one of the most beautiful and green towns of the prefecture of Ioannina. Chioniades can only stand out not only in Epirus but also throughout Greece.

This is because it is a truly historic village. It is now known for its more than seventy folk painters who for more than 250 years have created numerous works in many parts of Greece but also in neighboring countries.

In the village of Chioniades the most common profession of the technicians was that of a carpenter. However, there were others related to construction. The inhabitants of the village have always been craftsmen and later evolved into unique artists of their kind. You will understand this by walking for a while in the village and seeing the well-made houses and how perfect they are. They have strong elements of traditional architecture but also an intense passion.

The small Greek village where more than 70 painters were born2

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A long time ago painting was developed alongside the other arts but in the end, it was also the one that made the village more widely known  The Chionidites painters worked to the around area, but they also traveled in other places. They arrived in Macedonia, Mount Athos, Thessaly, and close countries, where they painted temples and decorated mansions.

How to get to the Chioniades

The small Greek village where more than 70 painters were born1


To go to the Chioniades you can stay in Konitsa and you can explore the whole surrounding area. By clicking HERE you can see exactly where the village is. If you are in the area it is worth getting to know all the Mastorohoria where the famous stone craftsmen were born. They have been famous, especially for the stone bridges of Epirus that they left as a legacy.
From the village square you will enjoy the view to Gorgopotamos and the surrounding slopes of Grammos. A green location in a perfectly idyllic setting. You think you’re in some old Greece, away from the mess and stress of everyday life.
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