The turquoise waters and the surprise hidden in the sand

Euboea is always an ideal choice for one-day or weekend escapades, especially in the summer. The reason is, that this is where you can find every kind of beach you like. From long sandy beaches with golden sand and blue water, to secluded beaches where you will swim almost by yourself. There, in Euboea,we also spotted a beach with a rare phenomenon. Initially, we visited it for its blue clear water. But when we arrived, we also found out why it has become very popular with campers. And they have their reasons. Vythouri, in Evia, is a beach with a peculiarity that is astonishing.

We had in mind a one-day excursion, but, to be honest, it would have been better if we had booked a weekend in the area. This is because, although it is two hours away from Athens, in the last few kilometres, we had great difficulty. It was about 5 km before we got to the beach and be aware of the relevant sign, when the dirt road started. The last two kilometres are a lot more difficult to traverse, so we had to drive really slowly. It is a positive thing that the view and the sea were more than enough to rewards as for our troubles.

We took our umbrellas and supplies (since the beach is not organized) and found a beautiful spot to sit on. After taking our first dives and enjoying the cool and clean water, we got into a conversation with a camper who has this particular beach as a permanent hangout for years. He revealed to us a secret that we would never have imagined about this particular beach and especially its sand.

A beach with a rare phenomenon

Vythouri has a very special characteristic. The sun shines over it hardly for six hours, in the summertime. It is a beach that mainly has a shade for the most part of the day. This is due to the special formations of the rocks that surround it, something that you can notice for yourself when you get there. Thus, as the sun turns around and its light falls on the rocks, these same rocks create a shadow that, especially for campers, is a perfect cover.

Vythouri: The beach with the rare phenomenon in Euboea1 Photo Source: Google Maps

Tip 1: We emphasize that it is not an organized beach and that it also has no shops nearby. You will find something to drink or eat at a distance of five kilometres, so you’d better have made provisions earlier on.

Tip 2: If you have little children and you know that they get easily tired you’d better avoid it altogether, especially on weekends, and especially if you visit it for a one-day excursion.

Tip 3: The water is slightly cold so it is not recommended in case you prefer a beach with warm water.

Vythouri beach has a wild beauty that you rarely find in Euboea. A beauty that at the same time charms and awes you.

See exactly where the beach is HERE and get ready for a swim!

External photography source: Google Maps