Visit Ton Ticho beach for that feeling of total peace and quiet

As in most Greek islands, if you want a remote beach for that get-away-from-it-all feeling, you need to get the farthest away possible from the main port. This is especially true of Kalymnos, whose north and west coasts have all that you’re looking for. One nice remote beach is that of Ton Ticho, which lies inside one of the many small coves on the island’s northwest peninsula.

The beach is pebbly but not too rough, and the water is very clean, coming straight from the northern Aegean Sea. Ticho in Greek means wall, and the beach is named after a wall of rocks that separates it from the slopes on either side. There aren’t any tourist facilities, so it’s wise to bring your own sunbed, umbrella, food and drinking water.

Ton Ticho beach is 23 kilometres northwest of the main port of Pothia, off the main road to Emborio. You get to the beach via a paved path leading off the main road. The silence, that greets you, is broken only by the cries of sea birds and the splash of water as it washes onto the beach.

How to get to Tichos Beach