Platis Gialos is an impressive beach with dark volcanic sand and majestic sunsets

Platis Gialos beach is a wide and rambling, but not-too-organized swimming spot on the west side of Kalymnos, offering a view of the Aegean Sea and distant islands on the horizon. It’s seven kilometres northwest of Pothia, the main port, so a taxi can get you there at a reasonable fare.

It’s also not far from the airport, so booking a hotel at Platis Gialos may be convenient for those who fly in. What sets off Platis Gialos from other beaches in Kalymnos is its dark-coloured sand. This is a reminder that this part of the Mediterranean is still volcanic, as the sand contains traces of volcanic ash. The surroundings are impressive, too with the steep rocks flanking the beach cutting you off from the rest of the world. Platis Gialos does have adequate food and drink facilities close by.

How to get to Platis Gialos Beach